Surprising X-ray See Through Cloth Effects Using Microsoft Word


Hello everyone, today I would like to show you a surprising way to edit your photo. X-ray See Through cloth effects using Microsoft Word in specific.  As you already know what Photoshop can do with lots of tools and huge editing capacity. In the next tutorial, I will show you how you can edit photos x-ray see-through cloth using Adobe Photoshop. But, for today I am about to show you how you can do that without using Photoshop. This is going to be something special that you can see step by step till the end.

Yeah, you heard that right. Today I will show you how to edit pictures to see through clothes using only Microsoft word [Surprise!].

So, let’s start!

In today’s tutorial, I will edit the dress in order to see through just using Microsoft office word processing software (Microsoft Word). I will use two female body images and make their cloth see-through (little bit x-ray effects on them). Above, you can already see the featured image and I am going to show you how to do exactly like that using Microsoft Word Software.

Note: For choosing images you need to find images that are a little bit transparent or semi-transparent. Because without the transparency in the image the effect will not going to work perfectly.

First Step: Find Image, Open MS-Word

Find an image that you are going to give x-ray see-through effects. Make sure your selected image has a little bit transparency so that you can do your thing for the purpose.

You can download some Images from this link.

Let’s open Microsoft word first. For this tutorial, I am using the latest version of Microsoft Word software beta 2019. This tutorial also works with Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft Word 2016.

So, if you have any of that software then you are good to go. Go to File > New > Select Blank Document

Click on file menu

Click new and blank document Second Step: Insert the Image

In this step, you need to insert your downloaded images to the blank document.

Just Go to the tab Insert > Now click the “Pictures” tab from the ribbon tab. See the below image.

Select insert and click pictures

Now select the desired image that you previously downloaded and click the “insert” button as below image.

select your image that you want to have x-ray effects
Select your image that you want to have x-ray effects

Third Step: Zoom and Replace the Image

In this step, you need to zoom in your image as per your requirement and copy the image and place it beside the image.

Zoom and Replace the Image

Now select the second image and this will show the image option for you. There you have to select the “Format” tab. Then click the “Remove Background” ribbon tab.

click format menu and click background remove ribbon tab
Click format menu and click background remove ribbon tab

Fourth Step: Select the portion that you want see-through

Check the image below. After clicking the “Remove Background” ribbon tab you will see some options for removing the background or selecting the image portion. In this version, MS-Word will automatically detect your image selection. You can change it depending on your requirements. The violet area is not selected but the normal color area is selected. But, for the job, we need the cloth portion only. You do that easily by Using “Mark Area to Keep” and “Mark Area to Remove” ribbon tab. “Mark Area to Keep” will allow you the portions you want to keep for further use. Opposite for “Mark Area to Remove” will not be kept. Use your accuracy to do this properly. Don’t worry. It’s not that hard.

Select the portion that you want see-through
Select the portion that you want see-through

Here I just selected the specific area using the “Mark Area to Remove” ribbon tab. Microsoft word is pretty much automated with these steps.

get your image background removed

Now click on the “keep changes” ribbon tab and you will get your image background removed.

Select keep changes
get your image background removed

After selecting the background removed image, you will see a “Layout Option” after selection. As per the below image please select those marked options.

configure layer options

Last Steps: Let’s do the x-ray see-through cloth effects

Now, copy the main Image again and post it besides it as like previous. See below image;

do the x-ray see-through cloth effects

Now again select the second image. After that, you will have the “Format” ribbon tab. Now, right-click on that image, here you will get the “Format Pictures” option.

Select format pictures

After clicking it you will get “Format Picture” option tabs. Please select “picture” Icon and you will get 3 sub-option below it.

Select picture correction

Click “Picture Correction” option and here you will get sharpen/soften, brightness and contrast option. When you change the slider of brightness you will see the changes in your selected images in real-time. You can try sharpness or contrast slides for your desired results. You can use autoformatted options right beside the editing tools you can use sliders or numbers to get your satisfactory one.

change the slide for x-ray effects

You can also try “Picture Color” options with saturation and temperature slides for more dramatic changes.

slides for more dramatic changes

It’s complete now. You have done it. Below image is the result of our work. If you have followed the instructions perfectly then you already achieved x-ray see-through cloth effects in your desired image.

achieve x-ray see-through cloth effects

Now, it’s your turn.

I have done another image with the same technique. This time I will use white dresses for x-ray effects. Below is the before and after example.


Hope this will help you to understand more about Microsoft features. If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to comment.

Happy Editing 🙂

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20 Natural Homemade And Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks


Stretch Marks is one of the reasons for a sleepless night of many people.

This is such a problem that is too irritating for the sufferer.

Teenagers, pregnant women, people who do bodybuilding are the major victims of this problem.

This term is also known as STRIAE, which results in forming scar on the skin with an off-color hue.

Underarms, upper arms, abdomen, etc. are the most common places of the body, where this problem is mostly seen.

Such a problem begins with reddish or purple lesions appearing on the body, where a larger amount of fat stored.

The affected areas are appearing as soft and empty.

There is no such cream to reduce the stretch marks in pregnancy.

But there are some homemade solutions, by the use of which this problem can be overcome within a considerable time.

One thing is to remember that the getting rid of stretch marks permanently overnight or in 1 day, in 1 week, 2 weeks is impossible.

Among all solutions to get rid of stretch marks, the cheap, effective, natural and homemade ways that are available very easily are described below and by following such process one can get rid of stretch marks on face, thighs, inner thighs, legs, arms, underarms, breasts, stomach, backs, butts whether red, purple, white, silver, black, dark purple due to pregnancy or after baby, old or new, due to weight gain or weight loss, by birth, light or dark, marks or lines without any surgery, laser or any type of artificial creams or ways:



The first solution is very simple, but it takes a very good amount of time to work.

It is a real way to get rid of stretch marks.

This requires 20 cloves of garlic, making a paste by crushing the cloves or making a paste by a mixer, the main product is produced.

Then the paste has to be applied on the affected area gently.

After 30 mins the paste should be washed with water.

Due to the invigorating properties of garlic, the skin gets protected and as the presence of Vitamin C, garlic is very useful against the stretch marks.

Continuing such process regularly, the new and old stretch lines or stretch marks can be reduced.

Marks and lines will reduce, will not vanish completely.

Mixture of Honey, Sugar, Coffee and Coconut Oil


The second method is of a paste made of sugar, coconut oil, coffee powder, and honey.

This mixture is a natural way to get rid of stretch marks.

By mixing 2 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon extra virgin coconut oil,

1 teaspoon coffee powder and lastly 1 teaspoon honey a mixture are produced.

Then by washing the affected place, the area is to be massaged with the paste very slowly and continuing the process for 10 to 15 mins.

Here, the sugar, honey, coconut oil, coffee bean together gives the skin protection and also removes the dead cells, which helps to decrease the dark, black, red, purple marks for pregnancy, after baby.

Within 1 month your marks will decrease.

Castor Oil

20 Natural Homemade And Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks 1

Use of castor oil is also very popular.

As the castor oil Is very effective skin toner.

In castor oil, there is a fatty acid, which helps to strengthen the skin cells.

Different types of vitamins are also present in this oil, so this oil is very effective in the stretch mark reduction.

It is a simple way to reduce stretch lines.

This process needs a small ball of cotton or a piece of cloth, but one important point has to be remembered that the things that are using must be neat and clean and very soft also.

Dipping the ball into the castor oil, the ball should be placed on the stretch marks and then a smooth and slow massaging should be carried on, for 5 to 10 minutes.

Such a process will help to remove stretch marks.

One thing you have to remember that the process of reduction of stretch marks in the legs, butts, under arms very slow. So it will take time.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very important for the skin.

It can block free radicals and lipid can be replenished which helps to slow down the aging process of the skin.

It is a simple mean to vanish the stretch marks.

Vitamin E oil is very popular nowadays, due to its significant properties for beautification purpose.

It helps to make the skin stronger and also gives extra protection from the stretch mark effect.

At the early stage of the marks, if the affected place is massaged by the vitamin E oil using a soft cotton ball for 5 to 10 minutes regularly, the marks can be reduced effectively in the neck, legs, face.



Lemon juice is the most common way to reduce the stretch marks and also contains a weak acid, which kills the bacteria, heal and reduce scars and act as a positive catalyst in the cells’ reactions. 

So due to the presence of this, the cell reactions occur fast and efficiently.

So for the reduction of stretch marks, it can play a better role.

This process can also be used to remove the stretch marks.

Firstly, the lemon has to be cut into 2 halves, then each halve has to rub on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes regularly.

Then after the ribbing, the affected area has to wash with warm water.

This process helps in reduction of black, white or red stretch marks.

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda


The combination of lemon juice and baking soda is a homemade mean to vanish the stretch marks which is also another very effective mixture to remove the dead cell. 

Here, baking soda acts as an agent to remove the dead cells and helps to strengthen the bond between the cells. 

Side by side lemon plays its own role. 

So, for this reasonthis mixture can remove the dark or light stretch marks.

In this process, a paste has to be made by mixing 2 teaspoons baking soda with 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

The mixture has to be used on the affected area and then the mixture has to leave open to dry on the skin.

After this, a clean cloth, dipping in warm water is used to clean the area.

This process will help to remove the stretch marks.


Potato is a cheap and easily available solution to stretch problems and is also very famous for its starch content and other skin lightening agents. 

Luckily this vegetable is also very helpful and is also famous for the reduction of dark circles and bleaches the skin. 

Rubbing the potato will help in the reduction of stretch marks. In this process, a potato is to be cut into two or three pieces. 

Then the piece of potato is to be rubbed on the affected area effectively. 

After 20 minutes of rubbing, the area has to be washed with cold water. 

By repeating, this method regularly, the stretch marks can be reduced to a great extent.


Sugar is a kitchen hack to reduce stretch marks and also used for the removal of stretch marks. 

Because sugar can strengthen the bond between cells and also can reduce dead cell from the body, so it can be helpful. 

For this, 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar are mixed with a sufficient amount of water. 

By stirring the mixture, a remedy will be ready. 

The applied areas should be a message with the sugar water solution and after 5 minutes the place is to be left in free air to dry. 

And in the end, the place has to be washed with water. By this, the marks will get reduced.

Egg & Lemon Juice

An egg is full of protein. It is told in a creative way to get rid of stretch marks.

Side by side, it also helps the skin to glow and supplies the skin some great ingredients like vitamin, proteins and other important elements.

Eggs with lemon juice can be another way for the removal of stretch marks.

In this, an egg is to be taken, and the white or transparent part of the egg is to be collected. 

Then lemon is halved. And the juice is mixed with the white part of the egg. 

By mixing well, removal of stretch marks is produced. 

Regular use of this mixture will ensure fewer stretch marks due to age.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a 100% natural way to reduce the stretch marks which has a great reputation in regenerating the skin tissue and has a great healing characteristic. 

Soaloe vera can also be used in the reduction of the stretch marks. 

The gel from the aloe vera leaf is to be massaged into the affected area and after 20 to 30 minutes, the place is to be washed. 

Continuing such a process, the marks can be reduced.

Lemon and Cucumber Juice

Lemon juice and Cucumber both are good for skin, which is a simple mean to get rid of the stretch marks problem.

As Cucumber gives a fresh look with a cool, soothing effect and Lemon juice contains a weak acid, which kills the bacteria, heal and reduce scars.

It also acts as a positive catalyst in the cells’ reactions.

So, the combination of these 2 has a positive impact on the skin. 

Mixing an equal quantity of lemon juice and cucumber juice, a paste is made. 

The paste has to be massaged on the stretch marks for 10 to 15 minutes, regularly for a better result.



Turmeric is the most common way to reduce stretch marks. 

It is such a natural ingredient that is full of goodness for the skin. 

For this reason, it is very popular for beautification. 

Turmeric has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties with lightening properties. 

Soturmeric can be used to reduce the marks. To make a paste of turmeric

1 teaspoon turmeric powder is to be mixed with 1 teaspoon yogurt. 

Then the place, affected by stretch marks has to be massaged for 10 to 15 minutes. 

After the massage, the place has to be washed with warm water.


Coffee is another natural remedy for stretch marks. 

It has great antioxidant properties, with high biological activities and can penetrate the skin, for which it stimulates the degradation of fats under the skin.

To use coffee, it should be crushed and with the necessary amount of water. 

As a result, a paste is obtained. 

This paste is to be massaged into the affected area circularly and smoothly for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Regular use of the paste will be very helpful for the reduction of the stretch marks.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is another natural ingredient that is good for the skin. 

Icontains vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. 

It also has anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is a natural and pure way to lessen the stretch marks.

To use olive oil for the reduction of stretch marks, the oil has to be warmed lightly and then massage the area with the warm oil for 10 to 15 minutes. 

This time the place should not be washed immediately, after the message. 

The regular use of this will reduce the stretch marks.

Black Tea

Black tea contains different types of vitamins, including vitamin B12 and other minerals. 

Vitamin B12 controls skin pigmentation. Boiling 2 to 3 teaspoons of black tea with some salts, a paste for reduction of stretch marks is prepared. 

It is a popular way to remove stretch marks

After cooling the past, it can be applied to the affected area and it should be applied there from 5 to 10 minutes.


Water is the surest way to reduce stretch marks and also an amazing gift of nature. 

It can remove any problem from the body. 

Every day 8 to 10 glasses of water will help to reduce the stretch marks.

White Part of Egg

The white part of the egg is full of amino acids and protein.

It works on repairing damages.

It is a very safe ingredient to reduce stretch marks.

So, for the reduction of stretch marks, white part of two eggs have to be taken.

With a sponge or cotton ball, the white part of the eggs are applied to the affected area.

Regular use of this will decrease stretch marks.

Coconut Oil

Coconut has some molecules in oil, which can easily penetrate through the skin, this helps to retain its elasticity and suppleness.

It is a very commonly used remedy for stretch marks problem.

It can increase the blood flow to the skin and also increase the production of collagen fiber.

The coconut oil is to be heated on low, medium heat.

During heating, the oil has to stir nicely. 

Then after 15 minutes, the cooled oil is to be applied on the stretch marks 2 times daily. 

Better results will be obtained within 1 month.

Almond Oil


Almond oil has different essential nutrients that nourish and heal the skin quickly.

It also has vitamin E which can reduce scarring, smooth the skin and improve the complexion.

For this treatment, taking the necessary amount of almond oil, heat it for a short time.

Baby Oil


Baby oil is another way of making stretch mark vanish. 

Because it contains some vital nutrients to make, skin softly and can nourish the skin at a good level. 

It is a pure mean to reduce the stretch marks.
After a hot shower, the oil is to be massaged on the affected place slowly and effectively such that the oil gets absorbed by the skin and the oil is to leave free for dry naturally. 

Thus, the stretch marks will vanish gradually.


All the process described above is very simple and effective to reduce the stretch marks. 

But one thing is to remember, that the complete removal of stretch marks is not an easy and quick process. 

It will take time more or less 3-4 months. The process described above will accelerate the reduction process.

So, it will be very effective to continue any process with patience. As stretch marks are natural, so the suggestion from the author will be, not to lose heart. And as the excess of anything is bad, limit your trying.