17 easy ways to prevent and also get rid of acne pimples blackheads overnight

Get Rid of Ance pimples and blackheads

Acne is a common and popular problem faced by most of the teenagers, women, and men also. It is very irritating for the sufferer, as it hampers the facial beauty. There are many home remedies for acne, also home remedies for acne scars. These are very effective to cure acne or to get rid of acne within 1 week, but there is no way or process to remove acne overnight.
Actually, Acne is a skin condition which is caused by skin inflammation. It is a chronic problem. It causes pimples and dark spots on the face, forehead, neck, nose,  upper arm and chest also. Due to the activation of the sebaceous gland in puberty, acne occurs.

The removal of acne from the face is not a simple process, as acne occurs due to dirt, oil, and internal causes. So, to remove acne of any type the following ways are the best ones.


Drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily will decrease the chance of acne occurrence. Because it is one of the best natural anti-acne product and also reduces the content of dangerous substances from the body.


One of the effects of acne is pimples, which is caused due to lack of nutrients, vitamins, and different minerals. So, when proper nutrients are not available then pimples arise. By taking a sufficient amount of diet daily, the chances of pimples can be reduced. It is an easy way to get rid of acne naturally.


Apple cider vinegar is formed by the process of fermenting the apple cider. It is very effective in the reduction of acne, pimples, and marks. Because apple cider can burn the skin. By burning the skin the scarring can be reduced. So, acne can get removed. Apple cider vinegar is also famous for killing bacteria and viruses. By killing the bacteria and viruses which causes acne, the possibilities or chances of acne is reduced. It is a great mean to reduce pimples and acne.

As apple cider vinegar is acidic, so it should be used slightly, otherwise, the skin may burn excessively. It is a great homemade remedy which is very popular in India, and other countries as well.

To use this against acne, 1 part of apple cider vinegar is to mix with 3 part of water. And this mixture is to be applied on the acne or pimples with a cotton ball or softball of cloth. This mixture is to be kept on the place for 3 to 5 minutes. Then the place is to be cleared with water.  By continuing the process of applying apple cider vinegar, acne or pimple will be reduced quickly.


Cucumber is one of the great natural product to get rid of pimples, acne, and blackheads. Because,  the cucumber has a great content of water, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A & C, an amino acid. Cucumber provides the skin a greater amount of water to hydrate and nourishes the skin. Vitamin A and C keeps the skin healthy and good which give a better look. The amino acid can kill bacteria and viruses. This acid gives protection to acne, pimples, and blackheads. The minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium help to nourish the skin. So, cucumber can be used to get rid of acne, which makes this a natural way of remedies for pimples and blackheads.

To use cucumber, a cucumber has to be blended and the juice is to be separated. The little amount of sugar is to be added to the juice. This juice is to be applied on the acne, pimple, or on the area affected by blackheads. This juice is to be left on the area for 15 to 20 minutes and after this time type area is to be washed. Continuing this process, acne problems can be overcome.


Honey is a great natural ingredient which is full of goodness, because of its skin wounding power and disorder wounding power and it also has healing properties. It is common a pure way to get rid of acne, pimples, and blackheads.

It is very good in the reduction of acne, pimples, and blackheads. To use it, about one teaspoon of honey is to be taken. Spreading the honey over the whole face, it should be kept open for 50 to 60 minutes. Then, the face is to be washed very well with the use of cool water. By this process, the acne, pimples, and blackheads can be reduced.


Turmeric is a great gift of nature, it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and also have different good properties. It is another popular natural way to reduce the acne and it can use on the acne, pimples, and blackheads. So the problem can be removed.

To use the turmeric on the face, By mixing the turmeric powder, gram flour and rose water a paste can be made. After, making such paste, it should be applied to the affected places so that, the acne, pimple, and blackheads can be removed by the properties available in the turmeric.


Cinnamon is a great natural product which is full of goodness like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic properties, these properties help to gain some special features like the healing of the skin.  Honey is also a natural product against skin problems. So, these two will be very helpful in the reduction of acne, pimples, and blackheads.

Mixing 3 teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a paste is to be made. Then, the mixture is to be heated in a microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. After such process, the mixture is to be applied on the face. After 10 to 15 minutes the mixture is to be washed with clean water. Within one to week the problems of acne can be removed.  One thing is to be remembered that, there would be no problem of allergy with honey, cinnamon.


To get rid of acne or pimples overnight, toothpaste is a common mean. Because, of the antibacterial properties the pimples cannot grow faster and as the toothpaste materials dry up the area, so the pimples are prevented. Toothpaste is a common thing that is used in daily life, so it is very easy to find and very cheap also.

To get rid of pimples overnight by using toothpaste, the face is to be washed clearly. Then, a little toothpaste is to be taken in a small cotton ball after that the ball is to be applied to the affected place. In this condition, the place is to be left for the night. Next morning, the pimple will not be seen.


Vitamin E oil is full of anti-micro bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, which will keep the skin free from the pimples, acne, and blackheads. It is also a great way of getting rid of pimples and acne very quickly and overnight. Vitamin E oil is very famous for beautification as it gives extra tone to the skin.

To use the oil for reduction of pimples and acne, a soft small cotton ball is to be poured into the vitamin E oil, then the cotton is to be applied on the face in the affected place. The place is to be keep left freely for the whole night. The marks will be gone or will be reduced in the morning.


Epsom salt is a great way to get rid of pimples, acne, and blackheads overnight. Because it has antibacterial properties and it can also clear the dead cells from the skin balancing the pH level. Due to this, the pimples can be removed overnight.

For this water, some amount of Epsom salt and cotton is required. Adding Epsom salt to the water a mixture is to be prepared. The mix needs to be stirred well. After making such a mixture, cotton is to be used to apply the mixture to the affected area. The area is to be left for the whole night. The marks will get reduced within the morning.


It is another common and simple way to get rid of pimples, acne, and blackheads. Baking soda is a great water absorbent with absorbs the water inside the pimple and it also clears the area from bacteria. It can also keep the pH level balanced, for this reason, the skin will become smooth and free from redness, pimples. Baking soda is also a great way to get rid of pimples, acne, and blackheads overnight.

Taking 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a sufficient amount of water, a paste is to be prepared. Then using a finger or a cotton ball, the paste is to be applied to the affected area. The place is to be left for the whole night. By this way, from the problem of pimples, acne and blackheads can be get rid of overnight.


Coconut oil is a great way to nourishes the skin very easily and also can remove the problems of skin overnight. It has antibacterial, antioxidant properties and the power of regeneration of skin which will keep the skin very fresh and hydrated also.

Warming up, the oil will accelerate the goodness of oil. After warming up the oil, with the help of fingers, the affected area is to be swept slightly. This area is to be left for the whole night, in this way the pimples can be removed overnight.


One of the reasons for acne, pimples, and blackheads is dirt, oil, and bacteria. Washing the face regularly with fresh water. Washing will cause the bacteria, dirt, and oil to clean out from the face. With normal and fresh water some soup or face washes can be used.


As told before, water is a great natural gift which has a different power to prevent any diseases, problems and so on.

Daily drinking 1 to 2 liters of water will keep the body hydrated and will also keep the body free from different bad things. By this way, the different harmful bacteria and harmful chemicals which causes the pimples or acne can be get rid of.


Oil is another main reason for acne and pimples. Oil may cause from the outside the body and also inside the body. Oil from outside can be cleared from the skin by washing with water and the internal oils caused by the foods.

So, it should be kept on mind that the food that is to be taken should be free from the excess oils. Oily food should be avoided in order to keep the skin free from acne, pimples.


Makeup is not good for the skin, as it contains different harmful chemicals. These chemicals destroy the natural tone of the skin. Limited use of this will not affect the beauty of the skin. But excess use of makeup will be very harmful, so the use of make should be limited otherwise the pimples and acne will grow at a large rate.


The nails or hand may contain different types of dangerous and harmful bacteria and matters. Sometimes, dangerous and harmful bacteria may create or grow pimples and acne. So, the skin should not be touched very often. Before touching the skin hands should be washed clearly. By this way pimples, acne and blackheads can be prevented.

The acne, pimples, and blackheads are a natural phenomenon for the teenagers and it is a disorder for the adult man or woman. To keep the skin, face, shoulders, neck, hands or legs free from pimples, acne or scars, from the above processes any of the processes should be followed. As, it is a natural phenomenon to have pimples, acne or scars, so it is very wise to have patience and follow the instructions regularly.

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20 Effective Home Remedies For Bed-Bugs

20 Effective Home Remedies For Bed-Bugs

You often hear about bed bugs, one of the most irritating creatures of the world. Bed bugs are basically the wingless insects. They normally feed on human blood like zombies. They usually bite at night. Their bites can lead to various type of skin diseases such as- allergy, rashes etc. Itchiness is the primary symptom of the diseases. In fact, sometimes one may feel tired or have a fever. Bed bugs mainly hide under your bed, sofa, and mattresses. They have the strong ability to spread in a faster way from one infested area to another. Though it is quite enough to identify their place of origin. Once you see a bed bug that means there are many more bed bugs already have spread in your house. These annoying insects can bite you and give you a sleepless night.

Bed bugs can dismount your life into a curse. But do you know? You can easily solve this problem by sitting in your house. Here are some effective home remedies for getting rid of bed bug problems as follows:


The vacuum cleaner is a quite common instrument for every domestic life. It also helps to remove bed bugs from the top of the mattresses, carpets, linens, and even from the springs of the boxes. Though this method won’t able to take out the tiny eggs in floor cracks and other hard-to-reach areas.


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a kind of DIY bed bug controller that targets the stubborn pests which live deep in furniture as well as in the wall holes. However, the success of this method depends on the steamer type and also using a combination of proper heat and high pressure of the equipment.


Putting clothes in the dryer on the hottest setting for 20 minutes will help you to get rid of the bed bugs problems. Nowadays, most of the washing machines have the drying option along with washing. However, while adopting this method you need to keep in mind that some fabrics are unable to take extreme heat and may even be damaged. Although this method is not practical for a huge amount of clothes.

Photo by Jayden Yoon on Unsplash

Isolate your bed

Folding the bed linens and placing the bed legs in cups or cans filled with soapy water will discourage them to climb up from the floor. As bedbugs cannot jump or fly, so moving your bed away from the wall will make it harder to get into the bed.

Seal the holes and cracks

By sealing, holes of walls and floors will help you to get rid of bedbugs. At the same time, filling the cracks around baseboards and moldings with caulk can be a remedy to get off from the bedbugs.

Use a Bed Bug Detector

The best method to avoid a full-blown bed bug infestation is to catch these critters in their early period in your home. there are many bed bug recognition kits that you can buy, that will alert you to any pest creep around in your home.


Vinegar is something that most of us in our homes and it can be also an ideal emergency home remedy against bed bugs. It has a strong smell which helps to send away bed bugs easily. Vinegar helps to kill bed bugs by damaging their nervous system. Fill the sides of the infected areas with vinegar. As a result, when they try to run away they will not able to escape the vinegar.


Using Baking Soda

Almost every houses people use baking soda for cleaning purpose. It works just like the diatomaceous earth powder. The process of using baking soda-

  1. Diffuse it around the holes and cracks
  2. Leave it for at least 24h
  3. Clean of the soda

It helps to soak all the water from the bed bug bodies as well as dry them out.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that can be used for many purposes. It is famous for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It also helps to eliminate bed bug problems along with bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is more like a “miracle oil.”  The process of using tea tree oil-

  1. Mix it with some warm water
  2. Make a spray
  3. Spray it on your mattress, walls, drapery, carpets, furniture, etc.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

You can use it to clean your house. At the same time, you can also add the tea tree oil while washing clothes, or you can even sprinkle a few drops directly on your bags and suitcases. Using it will help you to get rid of this bed bug along with the other microbes.

Using Mint Leaves

To avoid bed bugs, mint leaves are very much helpful. Just sprinkle some crushed dried mint leaves around the base of your bed. You can also use tea bags alternatively in-between your mattress and linen and under your pillow.


Cold Treatment

Sometimes steam cleaning also powerless to remove bed bugs. In that time, you can try the cold treatment. Bed bugs cannot bear cold temperature. Employing the items infested with these annoying creatures into the freezer and leave them at zero temperature or lower for four days or placing the infected mattresses out in the cold in the winter season, will also help to improve bed bugs removal.

Applying Turmeric powder

This is one of the best solutions in getting rid of bed bugs in your home. Turmeric powder includes a substance called curcumin. this is a strong antimicrobial material. this is not advantageous for a bed bugs. For this, you need a container of turmeric powder to get rid of the bugs. Spread the powder on the entire mattress and corners of your home very carefully. Apply this regularly to get rid of the bed bugs faster.


Who does not love the odor of the lavender? The lavender odor is not only pleasant but also comforting. However, for the bed bugs, this scent is really very much irritating and it causes them into death. So this can be also a very helpful treatment to destroy the bed bugs. Additionally, you can use lavender oil, soap or powder around your home. It makes your home very decorative as well as operative against the bed bugs.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils can help you win the war with bed bugs. These oils are:

  1. Lavender essential oil
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Rosemary essential oil
  4. Eucalyptus essential oil
  5. Cedar essential oil
  6. Oregano essential oil

Double Sided Tape

The double-sided tape can be a solution against bed bugs. Though this method cannot solve the already existing disturbance of bed bugs, can help you show the bed bugs and prevent it.

By attaching the double-sided tape around your bed or sofa will stop the bed bugs to climb on your bed. If any bed bugs come that way they will be glued to the tape and unable to bother you.


Lemongrass has a strong odor. this ensures to repel the bed bugs. Also this ability to kill both adult bugs and their eggs by increasing the acidic condition inside of them. At first, you distribute it around your living place. Then just wait for some time to have the result.

Oregano, and Ginger Mix

The mixer of oregano and ginger can be effective for bed bugs to remove procedure. Here’s the recipe-

  1. Mix one tablespoon each of grated ginger and oregano in a glass of water.
  2. Then boil the mixture, strain it and pour it.
  3. Put them into a spraying bottle.
  4. Spray this solution throughout your home and area around your bed.
  5. The smell will repel the bugs and prevent them from further spreading.

Spray Silica Gel

Getting rid of bed bugs does not always mean using the harsh chemical. Silica gel is that kind of available product. That stuff you find in tiny packets with new shoes and certain food items is an effective solution for bed bug removal.


Use Hard-Sided Luggage

Keep bed bugs from attaching a ride with you after your travels by using hard-sided luggage with overlapping zippers. While zippers on cloth luggage tend to gap slightly, hard-sided luggage makes it more difficult for bed bugs to gain entry and come home with you.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is effective for bedbugs removal. this material is commonly known as rubbing alcohol. It has low longer-term toxicity risk to humans and other animals. Isopropyl alcohol is also flammable and should only be used for spot treatments. If you applying this on to the bedbugs body, it can easily kill bedbugs.

Neem oil

Neem is a natural tree oil that is practically non-toxic to humans, pets, wildlife, and plants. It can also use to remove bedbugs.

Although the consequence of bed bug’s bite is not so dangerous, the presence of bed bugs can drop you into discomfort and horrible situation. The above solutions can help you to get rid of this bed bugs I think. If the infestation goes beyond your control, in that case, you have to take professional help from your nearby locally available pest management company. So don’t affair about bed bugs, face them, applying those methods you an easy kill them.

Bed bugs problems and its solutions

Bed bugs problems and its solutions

What are bedbugs? How do they look like?

Bedbugs problem are a common problem in any country. Mainly they are found all over the world, but a temperate country like us they are found in large scale. Bed bugs are parasitic, meaning they feed on the blood of a host, and they can be hard to kill.

Bedbugs are one kind of warm-blooded insects. They use humans as their number one hosts. Most of them feed stuff on their hosts while they are asleep. The wide-ranging time for eating is between midnight and 4 am. They are mainly small and wingless insects. 5 mm-7 mm in length and as small as 1.5 mm width. They like to live most mutual in areas where people sleep. For example, beds, mattresses, bed covers, curtains, edges of carpet, foam springs and bed frames. There was also a coincidental to have bedbugs in unoccupied homes because they can live for months or even longer without food stock.


The life cycle of bedbugs:

  • After mating, female bedbugs lay white and oval eggs (1/16″ long) into cracks and crevices. They preferred mostly dark place.
  • An individual female bedbug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime.
  • The eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days.
  • the newly born bedbugs seek a blood meal.
  • Immature nymphs molt five times before reaching their adulthood.
  • There may be three or more generations per year.
  • Under normal circumstances, adult bed bugs will live for about 2 to 4 months.
The life cycle of the bed bugs

How bedbug propagate?

Previously we have known that bedbugs live in such a place where human habitually stay like furniture, clothing, or bedding. In those places, their eggs may be existing. Bed bugs can propagate from one place to another quickly.  They can also hide in boxes, suitcases, or any other item like those. Which are moved from residence to residence or from one home to another by a person unsuspectingly? They mostly like dark accommodation, so we can’t find them on our naked eyes. A healthy and also blood-fed female bedbug can lay from 2-5 eggs per day. Her full period it can lay over 200-500 eggs. That’s vast in scale.

How to identify bedbug nuisance on your home or living place?

You can certainly check it by yourself, is there any infestation of bedbugs on your household. In the beginning, crisscross is there any fecal marks, egg cases, and shed skins near your beds. sometimes a moldy odor is present where bedbugs exist. they are often laid in similar spaces where the female bedbugs stay. they develop an evident spot after a few days on their life circle. When you transport to a new place, you should investigate the place. Because there was so much opportunity to diseased by bedbugs in a new place.

Bed bug bite symptoms

Bed bugs can bite somewhere on the body where there is a skin for example, face, hands, neck, shoulders, arms legs etc. normally you do not feel the bite yourself. After gathering blood from the skin, it improves a clear mark on the body. the surrounding place occurs chronic tenderness and annoyance. sometimes bedbug bites may go unnoticed or be mistaken with mosquito bites. Almost all bed bug bites will produce some point of discomfort and irritation.

There are other symptoms of bedbug bites given below-

  • Difficulties of breathing
  • Rash or bleb
  • fever
  • Inflated tongue
  • irregular heartbeat

this kind of serious symptoms needs medical attention.

Bed bugs bites

Other symptoms:

  • Increased of contamination due to the skin’s surface being compromised.
  • Sleep deficiency due to the bugs only feed at night, some people will avoid sleep or will only get restless sleep.
  • A frequent lack of sleep leads to feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, general tiredness, and lowered resistant function.

Bed bug bites vs mosquito bites

Some people don’t even know what a bed bug bite looks like. Mosquito bites and bed bug bites have some similarities. That’s why both bite marks look as same. It is hard to identify these two. it’s not easy to determine if you’ve been bitten by a bed bug.

But some here some clues that can help you to identify its either bedbug bites or mosquito bites.

Bloodsucking bed bugs
  • If you want to discover its bedbug bits or not, you must observe your prompted area. It is one of the best methods to tell the variance between mosquito and bed bug bites is to look at where the bites are happening on your body.
  • Mosquito bites typically seem on random and disordered spots. On the other hand, Bed bug bites progress in bunches. The arrangement of bed bug bites frequently appears as a line or zigzag, aligning with the edge of a bed sheet or mattress.
  • Mosquito bites become tickly faster. On the other hand, bedbugs can take up to 10-15 days to tickle.
  • In the fact of mosquitos, the bite mark appears right after the biting takes place. Besides for bedbug, it can take from 24 hours up to a few days to advance the bite symbols.
  • Mosquito Bites are moderately hurting and very much irritating. It leaves round red or pink spot on the skin. Bedbug bites generally unobserved and can be almost trouble-free at the time of the bite. That’s why people don’t know when they condemned by bedbugs.
  • In terms of remedial, mosquito bites usually resolve and heal much earlier than bed bug bites. But bedbug’s impulse for few days or even lengthier.


Normally no treatment is essential for bedbug bites. Because the majority portion of bedbug bites are not that kind of thoughtful and can be settled completely. But sometimes it can be serious penalties are severe allergic reactions. In that kind of situation, treatment must be necessary.

Treatment which should take place against bedbug’s bites-

  • Use antiseptic creams to relieve itching
  • Take an antibiotic, if infection occurs
  • corticosteroids, if a person has a severe allergic reaction
  • antihistamines, to help relieve allergic reactions

that’s how we can treat bed bug bites.

How to control bed bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy process. Most of the cases it will require treatment by a pest control expert. We know that bedbugs can survive up to over a year without taking food. So they may present even in unoccupied rooms. Don’t allow furniture or other items from frowsy areas. That’s mainly impacted by bed bugs like apartment buildings.

  • Don’t allow furniture or other items from frowsy areas. That’s mainly impacted by bed bugs like bed-sitter buildings.
  • choose stuff or other items which made out of materials that do not normally contain any cracks or layers. We may use that kind of furniture which made of metal or plastic or high-weave fabrics.
  • If your furniture had any cracks, fractures, and seams. Fill or seal the fracture with the help of glue or paste.
  • Laundry bedding at high temperatures can be lead on bedbug free room.
  • When you travel you should keep inspection for symbols of bed bugs in hotel rooms. that can help avoid bed bug bites.
  • Cover as much of the skin as possible while napping.
  • Clean bedding and bed clothing frequently. If you do that, bedbugs can’t live your home form a long time. That’s how bed bugs can be removed properly and as perfectly as we want.
  • Wash and dry blanket at high heat. If you apply sunlight, that would be more helpful.
  • When you at household, do not stock any luggage under your bed. the luggage should be stored in a basement or garage or any other place which to connect to you bed.
  • Clean your other items regularly and systematically, for example, mattresses, pillows, etc. Clean heavier bedding items, including mattresses, pillows, comforters using “dry steam”.
  • The way to successful bed bug control is to systematically treat all of the cracks and gaps where bed bugs can hide. You should be applying at least 1-2 hours examining and handling each pest-hidden room.
  • Rubbing alcohol is one kind of solute, that can kill pests by process of melting their cells. Rubbing alcohol is also a drying mediator, so it can destroy bed bug eggs by aeration them out. Applying this process, we can kill bed bugs.
  • When roaming outsider place, you must keep your luggage on racks and away from floors, beds, and furniture.

spraying pesticide by an expertcopyright: north shore services pest

How to make homemade bed bug spray:

You can easily make homemade bedbugs spray by using the household product.

We all know that vinegar is a strong acetic acid. So when we spraying vinegar directly on bedbugs it can kill them because that can smash an insect’s nervous system.

Homemade vinegar remedies for bed bugs are not serious kind of pesticides, but they are much safer and will work during early infestation.

Using vinegar as a pesticide
Using vinegar as a pesticide

Here’s how to make a vinegar bedbug spray:

You must apply white vinegar for making a spray.

  • Fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar. Then shake gently.
  • Spray the vinegar straight onto bed bugs to execute them on contact or send them running into nearby zones you just preserved with vinegar.
  • To prevent further mishap, soak all infested surfaces including window sills, walls, furnishings, mattresses, and carpets. Spray the exterior as well as the corners and bottoms.
  • You would need to do this for several weeks to see a reduction in bed bugs.

Once upon a time, people used to say before they go to sleep “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. But now that’s not the big deal for any one. We know how to fight against bedbugs.

The rise in infestations has been very tough to track because the bed bugs are not easily identifiable. But from the help of pest-control companies, local authorities, and hotel chains this problem can be easily eliminated. To prevent bringing bed bugs to one’s own home, we must take some precautions. That’s how we can live a bedbug free life and our lifestyle would be more fantastic.

Stay Solo and Safe: 5 rules of thumb for traveling alone

Stay Solo and Safe

While passing a stressed and busy Monday, I realize that our life goes around some basic slots. Get an education, get a job/business, get a partner and touch the last milestone of life – death! Inside this infinite loop, sometimes we totally lose our connection with nature and our inner-selves. On the very next Tuesday, I was going through some inspirational blogs and found out that the ultimate point of freedom is – traveling, to be specific traveling alone. For revoking my wild nature and breaking the monotonous Monday-To-Friday routine, I started to travel alone.


Collecting friends and family for a tour and reaching to a common decision was always the trickiest part. So I started to believe in the famous song of Tagore – “If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone”. It was always challenging and sometimes it was dangerous. But I survived and enjoyed the solo tours more than anything happened in my life. So, after gathering experiences in 7 countries and numerous local places – today I want to write the five rules of thumbs for solo travelers. Let’s go through the 5 rules to stay solo and safe while traveling alone.

Make Plans

Stay Solo and Safe: 5 rules of thumb for traveling alone 1
Source: flightnetwork

From packing luggage to reserving a ticket – there are plenty of things that will be needed in a solo trip. Remember, there’ll be no one to take care of yourself. But, don’t panic! That’s our ultimate goal – to stay and explore ALONE. It’s a journey of meditation and restructuring inner self. So, do the homework and initial works before leaving home. That will give you extra free times during the tour. Don’t forget any tiny detail, like – medicine list or emergency contact list.

Live like the Locals

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It may sound weird but behaving like locals and wearing like them often minimize the challenges of a solo traveler increasing the level of safety and security. It is always wise to attract less attention while you are traveling alone. Local people generally don’t give extra attention to local-looking people. So, if you are wearing a local dress and roaming around the area with your camera – that’ll not make you a target victim easily. But, always try to minimize the amount of expensive-looking gadgets; like – camera, lenses, tripods and so on unless you are a professional photographer. We are exploring the beauty and the surroundings – carrying the pictures inside our neuron cells; not in the camera.

Embrace the Reality

Source: davidwolanski

Almost all beautiful places have some evil people and we can never deny this fact. Moreover, some people do crimes because of poverty and that’s a cruel fact of many countries. Our first concern is safety and we can ensure it by ourselves. Roaming around alone at midnight is a scenario when you are making yourself vulnerable to many crimes. So, while traveling alone please try to be optimistic about adventures. We are traveling, not participating in any bravery show or X-factor. So, a little sensibility can reduce the probability of an accident.

Be an Early Bird


Pub crawling after midnight or checking out the local nightclubs sound cool and trendy. But they drain out your energy and make you tired for the next couple of days. Don’t be a night owl. Go to bed early and try hard to be an early bird. Kick-off the day with a nice breakfast at a local café and increase the amount of day time. You will also get fewer crowds in popular tourist places. Last hour entry to any historical place or museum is not a good idea at all. Finish the sightseeing during the day and after sunset, you’ll get plenty of times to check out the local stores and evening shows.

Make local friends

Source: ecenglish

The tour actually starts before getting out of our apartments. While reserving the flight tickets, you can also search and find out some friendly locals who also loves traveling. Couchsurfing, Meetup, Airbnb – these are some of the safest sources of friendly local people. Local friends and travelers can be your best assets with lots of free tips and guidance.  You can also get ideas about the events and attractive places which can be helpful to make a detailed plan. So, be friendly and relax.

Solo travelers find out the ultimate jewels of life – getting the scope to find out the inner-self and giving time to know thyself. Many years ago, Mr.Socrates said – “The unexamined life is not worth living“. Solo travelers actually examined and experience their own secret stories and desires. So, be brave to leave your friends, family and comfort routine-zone for a while and rummage in the beauty of the whole world. And don’t forget to share your story with Simplebuthow.

Bis Später! See you later!



People generally gain the royal status and royal mode of living in one of the three ways — they’re born into that lives, they marry a monarch or they acted in such a movie or television series. And it is surprising fact that wanting to live like a royal prince or princess, at least during a vacation is a fascination of all generation. In modern days, we are fortunate enough to get a fairytale themed vacation with the availability of many palaces and resorts who offer these golden opportunities. We don’t have to be an actual king, queen, prince or princess to vacation like a ruler.

The daily lives of royals might be unpredictable, but their way of living is very much available – thanks to the fairytale-themed movies. If you want to have a fairytale themed vacation experience, hit up one of these hot spots favored by castle-dwellers worldwide.

Peleș Castle, Sinaia – Romania

Nestled at the foot of the vivacious Bucegi Mountains in the picturesque town of Sinaia, Peles Castle is a masterwork of German new-Renaissance architecture. It is one of the most stunning castles in Europe, which was commissioned by King Carol I in 1873 and completed in 1883. The 160 rooms can welcome lots of guests which are all ornamented with the finest examples of European arts and culture. Murano crystal chandeliers, German stained-glass windows, and Cordoba leather-covered walls have the strength of creating a fairytale inside the castle.

You will feel the royalty in your bone as the castle truly served as the summer residence of the royal family until 1947. Additionally, the Peles Castle was the first European castle entirely lit by the electrical current produced by the castle’s own plant.

Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island – Maldives

Not all the fairytales are about castles, gowns and dining halls. There must be some people like me who want roam around the beautiful ocean-like Moana. Moana’s story is set in the land of sun and sand, whereas Maldive’s Vaadhoo island offers sun, sand, and stars at night. It can be the ideal place for modern time Moana and her ally.

This would be a surreal experience at night when the tide glows with plankton and gives off a star-like appearance. If you are a good sailor and navigator, you also can explore the ocean with a boat at night time.

The Leela Palace, Udaipur – India

Once upon a time Mark Twain described India as: “The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of all the rest of the globe combined.”. As we approach the Leela Palace resort in Udaipur overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola, we can feel how true Mr.Twain was. Udaipur itself known as the Venice of the East. No wonder, it’ll hug all the palaces with beauty and fame. And the Leela Palace is one of them with a fairytale themed structure and with the essence of ineffable culture and heritage.

The building itself stands with a spectacular Mughal-inspired architecture which is also infused with Mewari culture. The Palace is set in the backdrop of the Aravalli mountains. So with one blink of eyes, we can have the scenic beauty of water and mountain. This palace plus hotel efforts to make the guests feel like a genuine royalty with its world-class modern services added with traditional warmth. A grand entrance on the waterfront, suites with lake view, private dining, guava gardens, history sessions, folk dances, butler services, and onsite restaurants all afford panoramic sights of the majestic man-made Pichola lake, which itself dates back to 1362.

Hotel Shanker, Kathmandu – Nepal

Deeply connected with Nepal’s rich history and strategically located at the edge of the main city, Hotel Shanker not only provides guests with easy access to Durbar Marg and Thamel but also provides an oasis-like setting with sprawling gardens and a beautiful poolside area spread over 4.4 acres in the heart of Kathmandu.

Being a true palace of old time, it stands with its old pride. It has a brief history of being Rana’s palace. It was the royal residence of the rulers of Nepal from 1894 until 1964. The construction was completed in 1894 A.D. The exteriors are fashioned in neoclassical style and the interiors are done as per European tastes of that time. Here, you can walk through the lobbies wearing your best dress or tuxedo and feel the charm of the royal dignity. The hotel maintains and cherishes its position as a grand beauty of unmistakable class.

Duns Castle, Duns – Scotland

Standing proudly since the 14th century, the majestic Duns Castle is in a unique location in the Scottish Borders, surrounded by tranquil parkland, on the outskirts of the small market town of Duns. It is nestled on 1,200 pristine acres. Family owned since 1696, the exotic castle welcomes guests from around the world. While roaming around the property, you’ll surely feel the soothing environment which resembles Cinderella’s place. The bedrooms and suites, dining halls and adjacent areas, drawing room, billiard room and the castle itself is a jaw-dropping example of fairytale themed vacation place.

Activities like archery, croquet and falconry can keep us entertained, if scouring the grounds for secret passageways or enjoying the serene nature reserve aren’t enough. So pack up that yellow ball gown and blue evening tuxedo and stock your playlist with the best Disney tunes to spend the next summer in this Scottish Castle.

Rapunzel’s Secret: Tips for your hair

Rapunzel’s Secret Tips for your hair

I always had a question in my mind about Rapunzel’s hair. How did she have such strong and beautiful hair being captivated for years? Is there any home-delivery service at that era who provided her with hair care products? I know it’s a silly question but there must be some answers. And this dilemma led me to the stories of our hair. The secrets, the products, and the expert’s opinions. Today I will try to write down the summary of my week-long research on “Rapunzel’s Secret” – the story of our health.

Via – Pixabay/AdinaVoicu-485024Just like our skin and body, the health of our hair is a direct sign of the inside health. It works just like our cars. You use good fuel, quality product, regular servicing – you get a problem-free car. You take good food, use a quality product and routine life – you get flawless and strong hair.

The secret lies inside the root – the roots of our hair and the nourishment’s they get. The cells that help to grow healthy hair require a regular supply of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals along with a healthy lifestyle. So, there are separate segments for having a unique result.

Let’s jump inside the pool of tips of hair which I named as Rapunzel’s Secret.

Birth and Death: HOW HAIRS GROW & DIE

This part consists of the stories of the beginning – how the hairs actually grow? You may find this part a little dull. But I’ll suggest reading this as well. It will help you to know about the untold stories of hair-birth. And we’ll get an idea about the nutrition which the hair wants.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, our hair grows out of little pockets in head skin, called follicles. The process is as follows:

  1. Hair begins growing from a root in the bottom of the follicle.
    • The root is made up of cells of protein.
  2. Blood from the blood vessels in our scalp feeds the root, which creates more cells and makes the hair grow.
  3. The hair gets pushed up through the skin as it grows, passing an oil gland along the way. The oil gland adds oil to the hair and keeps it shiny and soft.
    • The oil can make it greasy, too. That’s why we need to wash our hair regularly.
  4. The hairs die by the time it is long enough to poke out through the skin.
    • Yes, hair is dead. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to get a haircut.

Simple But How-Board



It is really unfortunate that there are lots of things around us which can damage the hair and its quality. So, we have to set a routine that will protect our hair like an umbrella. Following are the common things which work as devils for our hair according to the Canadian Dermatology Association:

  • The sun – yes, sun exposure can cause enormous heat damage. And this is one of the reasons why we should wear a hat when going outside.
  • Styling Products and Chemicals (such as chlorine) in pools.

Hair gel, spray, chlorine, and styling products that promise long holding times are especially damaging. Coloring, perming and relaxing products also have harsh chemicals that weaken hair.

  • Things we use to style our hair, such as blow-drying, hot curlers, and using a curling or straightening iron will literally cook the hair. It can also damage the follicle. Don’t use them too much, especially if the hair seems to be getting drier or breaks easily.
  • Handling wet hair is also a path that leads to hair damage. Towel drying, combing and brushing our wet hair can damage it since wet hair is more elastic and can break more easily than dry hair.
  • Too much brushing can cause split ends.
  • Tying hair up in braids, ponytails or any styling that causes pulling on hair can stretch it and cause breakage. In fact, wearing hair in a tight style regularly can lead to traction alopecia, hair loss caused by pulling on the scalp.

As the oil gland of our head adds oil to the hair, we need to wash our scalp regularly. Extra oil can make our hair dirtier. We have to be sure that we maintain a regular routine of washing the scalp. How often we wash our hair depends on its type and what we do during the day/night. If you go or work outside or visit dusty and hot places frequently, then it will be wise to wash the hair more often than the people who remain inside.

A small amount of shampoo added with water can be used. Using a conditioner after the wash may make it look better, but that doesn’t make the hair healthier. Remember, hair is already dead. After rinsing off thoroughly, it is important to soak the extra water from the hair with a soft towel. A wide-tooth comb or hair-brush can be used later. But be polite and gentle, otherwise wet hair can be broken our pulled out.

I think you’ll admit that Rapunzel must not have any styling instrument with her. So, just like her we can avoid hair dryers as much as possible and let our hair air-dry recurrently. The same rule goes for hair-straightener, too. And don’t forget that split end is a type of hair damage. As our hair is already dead, we can’t repair the split ends (fraudulently claimed by many beauty products). All we can do is trim them off and move on.


The first and last rule of having a healthy hair is: fill your stomach with proper food and you will get the shiny and lustrous hair you’ve always dreamed of. Dr. Roopal V. Kundu (MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine) says,

“The basic early advice is to make sure you’re looking at your diet, make sure you’re getting enough iron, make sure you’re not anemic, make sure you have enough protein in your diet. Iron and protein are really important for hair health. There are some generic vitamins that we recommend: Vitamin D, omega, fish oils, a generic multivitamin with iron. Biotin is great in terms of hair strength and preventing breakage.”.


Eggs are rich in this B vitamin which is essential for hair growth.  Eggs are also a rich source of protein, choline, and vitamin D. So, starting the morning with a toast, egg, and cup of vegetable is the wisest idea. Iron and zinc help hair follicles to grow, says Wilma Bergfeld, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. She suggests eating lean red meat, which is rich in both nutrients, twice a week. Pair nonmeat sources, such as soybeans or lentils, with a vitamin C-rich food like an orange to boost iron absorption. [Source]

So, fill up on these nutrients to have the healthiest hair ever.

Cheat Code: Clean and Chill in 30 Minutes


Are you expecting your date to stay over tonight? Are Mom and Dad planning to give a surprise visit? Your best buddies from work are coming to watch the premier league? Or, are you trying to drain the depression on the long winter vacation?

Here I come with a game plan and cheat codes!

Cleaning and organizing the house can be a kick-off and there is a cheat code of “30 minutes”. Yes, it exists. And I wish the characters of “The Clean House” theatre would know about this cheat code. They didn’t know it, but we have it! Let’s start it now.

Wait a second. Are you a die-hard metal fan? Don’t forget to turn on the favorite playlist. It’ll help you to keep moving with the cleaning stuff.


62 Center for Theatre & Dance © wikipedia


Magic to Disappear (0-10 Minutes)

Spell the magic words to disappear everything which is not organized. Be cruel about throwing out the used kinds of stuff or bottles or anything else. “You have to be cruel to be kind”.

At first, think about a hotel room.

Is there any extra sheet on the bed? Any pen or paper on the table? Left-over on the dining table? Newspaper or Magazine or remote-control on the floor? Wet towel or cloth in the bathroom? The extra power cable of the laptop or cell phone?

Answer: A BIG NO.

So, remove these things without thinking for a second. Keep the used cloths in the basket. You don’t have any basket? Okay, use your shower bucket for it. We’ll clean them later. Now, hide the stuffs inside the drawers. We’ll re-arrange them later too. Yes, there will be a next episode where we’ll discuss the elaborate process of cleaning and organizing the house.

Let’s move on. Utilize your waste-bin. Throw away the leftovers. I know, you planned to eat them on the coming weekend. well, you’ll never do it actually. I never did!

Throw away the plastic bottles, beer cans, used shampoo or deodorant bottles and old newspapers. Believe me; these will never be used to make any of those YouTube or Pinterest DIY stuffs.

Now run to your bedroom and make the bed as fast as possible. Tuck the ends of the bed-sheet under the end of the mattress and put the pillows on right places. Re-arrange the toiletries of the bathroom. Remember the spell – “No extra thing. Be cruel”. There should not be any extra things on the kitchen table. Its better to have a blank table rather than having a messy one.

Remove every extra thing from eye-sight – by throwing or by hiding. It’s a short-cut and just the starting. So, cheating is allowed. Our goal is to have a tidy house as fast as possible, not organized cabinets and drawers.


Mop and Drop (10 to 25 Minutes)

Having a clean floor is more than important to have a tidy house. It really matters a lot. Sand under the feet – this feeling is exhilarating on the sea beaches, not inside our house. If you have a tendency to walk barefoot like me, you’ll hate the dust on the floor too. And another thing is – extra water on the floor is also annoying and risky. So, let’s start with mopping the floors to clean the dust and remove the last water drop.

For now, we’ll leave the thorough dusting of furniture and will concentrate on the mopping.

Ok, quiz time. Tell me the first point of mopping. Ummm, bringing the mop bucket? Right?

Noooo, wrong. At first, turn on the fan or open the windows for air circulation. It is really important to dry the floor as fast as possible after mopping. Now, use a water-dampened mop and start. You can add floor-cleaning material with fresh water for a good fragrance. Oh, do you know one thing? Mopping is a good kind of free-hand exercise. It burns calories.

So, we are all set. Everything is ready. Go! Hit the floor!!

Let’s start the mopping from the back corner of the room. With long strokes, end the mopping to the doorway. Don’t forget about the bathroom. Don’t increase the chance of slipping on the bathroom. Mop it too.

Check the sinks and floor of your kitchen. They need to be dry too. Don’t hesitate to mop them quickly.


Mop and Drop © NeONBRAND


Bell the Smell (25 to 30 Minutes)

25 minutes are gone! And we are also done with the important parts and hard works. Its time to add some fancy things. Time to ring the bell of the good smell! Spreading the good smell to create a heaven on earth.

So, after mopping the floors and removing the extra things from eye-sight, pick the bottle of air freshener.

Shake and Spray!

Air Fresheners © Wikipedia

For the kitchen, you can use fragrant sticks too. But be alert about the fire alarms. Don’t you have anything from this list? Then don’t hesitate to use your body-spray. I do this time to time and it works. And it works really fast to remove the dump flavor of the house.

Recheck your shoes now. They should be inside the cupboard or at the corner of the entrance. Did you forget about the music? Change that playlist now. Some soothing music will work better with the fragrance.

Now, we are done! Clean yourself fast and change the cloth quickly. Yes, it was kinda work-out too. And don’t forget to click some photos of your house. You’ll definitely catch the difference.

Share your experience with us! We’ll love to hear.

27 Secret Surprise That Guys Want For Valentine’s Day – 2019 edition

Secret Surprise That Guys Want For Valentines Day

Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.

– Henry Ward Beecher

Love is such a thing, which is essential for your mind and body as like oxygen. The more connected you are with the bond of love, the healthier you will be both physically and expressively. Love can change a person in a different way of direction.

Valentine’s Day is that kind of day, when people show their emotional state of love, affection to their most adored soul. It is celebrated in many traditions all over the worldwide on February 14th every year. Many people around every corner of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day with love and respect. Some people take their loved ones for a loving dinner, surprise party or long outing.  Others may choose this day to propose their loving person or get married. Many people give greeting cards, jewelry, chocolates or flowers (especially roses which is the symbol of love) to their partners on Valentine’s Day.

Everybody loves to be surprised by their beloved person. Here are some great ideas and exciting ways to surprise your boyfriend!

Photo candle

Your favorite photos with your boyfriend will instantly be converted with a special candle design. It makes the picture prettier with the natural glow of a candle. It would be more romantic when your special memory precisely captured in a frame along with this effect. The image is actually displayed by the glass candle holder. That looks so much attractive, that you can’t imagine.

Guitar or musical instrument

Guitar or musical instrument

If your partner loves to play guitar (acoustic or electrical) or any other instrument, then you can have brought him a nice guitar. A well-tuned guitar is a great gift to give to for someone who already plays guitar. On the other hand, you can gift him “Personalized Guitar Picks”. You can put a picture of both of you, on the side of the pick. This is a comparatively low-cost gift idea and will definitely work.

Valentine’s baskets

This would be a unique idea for you on this valentine day. you can fill up a basket, which full of small gifts, chicklet, letter that will your partner appreciate most. You can add CDs, books, DVDs, regular tools, watch, socks, perfume, letters, and other small stuff. This item can be providing an attractive approach to your basket.

AI-based Bluetooth speakers

If your boyfriend is so much fond of music than you can bring him a Bluetooth speaker or product like Bluetooth assistant. Now, most of the devices are AI based. That means these types of device carry artificial intelligence. Due to that, you don’t have to type anything or press any types of button. Just say or command anything that you want, everything will be in your hand. So in this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can present your love an AI-based Bluetooth speaker. New age group boys love this device the most. You can give them- Amazon Alexa or a Google Home to your girlfriend. Which can help your lover, in her daily life?

Give him PS4


Gaming can be an expensive hobby but not for your boyfriend. This idea may be a little bit expensive but if you can afford it then buy a PS4 give it to your game freak boyfriend. Now a day, play station4 becomes the world’s best-selling console. This ps4 comes with 500GB or 1TB storage. Along with this, you can buy him a “PlayStation VR” or “Gaming Joysticks”.

Homemade chocolate cake

If you are good at baking cakes, you can cook a wonderful chocolate cake for your partner. This chocolate not only shows your partner how much you love and adore him but also it would be delicious too. You can apply your favorite recipes or get help from YouTube tutorial. This cake can be added some extra values on your Valentine’s after-dinner dessert segment, especially for your partner!

A diary with poems

If your boyfriend loves poems very much, then you can apply this idea. Make a handmade diary and write some poems on your own for him. Write down the thoughts that you feel for him in phrases. This will be the most romantic present for him. This poem can also help to express your love to him.

Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

Traveling is everyone’s favorite thing. Especially, to the boys, traveling is like oxygen. So, if your boyfriend or husband loves traveling and travel often, then presenting him a travel bag will be a great idea. It will make your love so much happy.

Bluetooth Headphone

If your partner is very much fond of music. He always likes to hear pop, rock or jazz song then you can give him a Bluetooth headphone. Using this he can easily listen to music during his normal working hour. Nowadays Bluetooth headphone doesn’t cost so much. There some well-known brand like Boss, Beats, Symphony, Remix etc. which can provide you good quality of Bluetooth headphone on your budget


In this updated century, boys are more concern about their looks. Keeping a beard is now a very popular trend. In fact, girls love those boys the most, who have a stylish beard. By the by, there was a time, when boys went to the salon to cut or shape their beard. But, now things have changed. Boys mostly prefer to shape their beard on their own. There is a different type of trimmer in the shop now. You can buy a trimmer set for your lover. Believe me! Your boy would feel very happy to have this. Which will make your boy more handsome and cool in the upcoming Valentine’s Day and that will make your valentine’s day even more enjoyable.

High configure Camera

In an age where even consumer cameras capture 1920 x 1080 HD video in a high graphical video. 4k cameras are the latest invention of modern science in this 20th century. It has been a great kit for up-to-date photography. You can capture your chosen moment and recall it after many years by using 4k cameras. So you can gift your photogenic partner a 4k camera. Boys love to take a photo of his loving person, so this would be a perfect gift for him.

Gift him a pet

Gift him a pet

Pets can be a wonderful gift to give your boyfriend. Pets normally (cats or dogs) are part of our everyday lives. When they enter our home, they make them a part of our families. They provide us with friendship also with mental support. After a boring working day, when your partner comes home this pets helps to reduce his stress levels and as well as loneliness. So pets can be a great gift.

Metal Wall Art

Each person in the earth carries different types of style. People love to be stylish and fashionable. Not only by their attire but also they try to be fashionable in where they live. Like their home and office. They love to decorate their house with a unique style of things. In the previous time period, boys do not try to bother to decorate or organize their house. But by the evolution of time, boys now try to be stylish and decorative as like their attire. Therefore, you can present your boyfriend or husband a stylish metal wall art in this upcoming special day. Though this is kind of expensive. Every loveable things are pretty expensive though. However, if you think that you can afford it, then do not waste your time and just order a stylish metal wall art for your boy.

Give him a book set

A book is a token of peace. There is hardly any person, who does not like books. Both girl and boy love to have a book as a gift. In this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can make your boyfriend happy by surprising him with a book or a set of books. For this, you need to know about your lover’s choice. What type of books he may love to read. There are a huge amount of different books. Such as- thriller, romantic, soft, biographies, horror, detective stories etc. You can buy books according to your loved one’s choice which will make your boy’s valentine’s day, even happier.

Give him a spa treatment

In this busy world, everyone is busy with their work. But sometimes, they need relaxation. So in this Valentine’s Day, give your valentine a special spa treatment. Which will not only relief his stresses but also help you both to get closer in this special day.

Custom Leather Keychain

Most of the boys now either have a bike or a car. Actually, they always have a soft corner for especially these two riders. If your boyfriend has a bike or a car, present him a keychain. In fact, you can now customize the keychain on leather or wood, whatever you like. It will make your boyfriend feel that you’re the concern with his likings.

Take him out of town

As I mentioned earlier, boys love to travel everywhere. So, if you are planning for giving him the best valentine’s day gift, then buy two tickets for you both for traveling purpose. And take him out of town. It will ease him from the daily monotony of life and, make him feel more refreshed.

Take him to a movie show

In this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you take your loved ones in a romantic movie show. Elsewhere, you both can enjoy a movie according to your lover’s choice. After all, you want to make his day more special!27 Secret Surprise That Guys Want For Valentine's Day - 2019 edition 2


If your lover is a bike or cycle freak at the same time a good stunt. In that case, you can gift him a special helmet, which will help him to save his head while riding or stunting. Similarly, this gift will help him to feel how much you about him. There are several designs of the helmet in the shops. You can buy for him according to his choice or personality.

Gym instrument

Gym instrument

Boys are now very concerned about their body shape. So they like to go to the gym regularly. So, surprise your boy by giving him a gym instrument. Such as- dumbbell, cycle, running machine and so on. Even you can give him a stylish gym bag pack with water bottle, wrist band and hair band.

Luxury Men’s Tie and Cufflink Set

Perfect man always looks gorgeous. Now a day’s men’s outlook was everything. When a man wears a suitable formal outfit with perfect accessories his looks stunning, So, in this valentine days, you can offer your boyfriend luxury men’s tie and cufflink set. There are verities of ties and cufflinks are available on the market with different types of designs. You can choose it on your own teats or give priority on your partner choice.

Make his favorite food

Boys love to be nurtured from his girlfriend or wife. They love the thing when his girl cook for him. They feel their importance at that time. So on that precious day, you can cook for him his favorite food. And this will make both of your day even more romantic.

Arrange candlelight dinner at home

Candlelight dinner is always popular for every couple. It makes the chemistry of a couple into the next level. So, do not waste your time and organize a candlelight dinner for your lover and help your boy to spend this Valentine’s Day with full of romance.

Send him a personalized video

Now you can make videos for your loved ones easily and in a short amount of time by the help of your smartphone and some loveable edits. Therefore, start shooting a special video for him with so much love and gift it to him on the upcoming lover’s day.

Leave love notes

In this updated world, everything was updated. Even if anyone wants to say or confess anything to another, they just used to send a message on messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or Snapchat. The emotions are not expressed now. Everyone has become a robot. However, true love needs a huge emotion and feelings. Do you want to tell something special to your lover? Not just call him and say him or just message him on his mobile. Rather take a piece of paper and start writing. Because a piece of writing for someone comes from the bottom of the heart. And whoever will see that writing, will feel such level of happy that you cannot even imagine. So write something loving for him in this Valentine’s Day. It will make his whole life more than special.

BBQ Tool Set

Nowadays, most of us love to celebrate any kind of occasion with a BBQ party. Without a BBQ party, every celebration is incomplete. So, if you still confused about your boyfriend’s gift in this Valentine’s Day, a set of a BBQ tool can help you out with a solution. In this Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved ones by giving him a set of BBQ tool. It will not only useful only for a certain day, but it will also useful for every celebration of his life.

27 Secret Surprise That Guys Want For Valentine's Day - 2019 edition 3
Yummy BBQ

Therefore, we hope that the above ideas may help you to make your valentine’s day memorable and special as well. Till then have a great day!



Valentine’s Day is the poet’s holiday.
– Ted Koosner, Poet.

“Valentine’s Day”. Some may call it overrated or cheesy but there’s no harm to celebrate love, right?

Even if it is silly then remember there’s a saying “love makes the wisest man a fool”, so be proud of silliness. Love is worth being silly for and should be celebrated. And which celebration is complete without gifts? Is there someone that doesn’t love gifts? Whether it be a 5-year old kid or a 70-year old, everyone loves to receive gifts. The power of gifts is it can bring a smile on anyone’s face. It says itself “I care” and it brings a smile on the other side.

But before Valentine’s Day there is usually a lot of pressure on buying Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends. Many of the boyfriends have already started searching “best gifts for girlfriends” but are disappointed because they already did those and now they need something new, something unique. Well, go through the article pick one and give the best Valentine’s gift and sweep her off her feet.

Match it with her passion

Match it with her passion

Your gift should reflect the person you’re gifting. If she’s a bookworm give her an original copy of her favorite book that she always craved for. If she’s a Harry Potter fan give her a harry potter accessories like wand or time turner. If she’s a music fan you can give her a music box or a high-quality headset. Even if she’s a foodaholic then gifts that help provide her everyday cooking easy is preferable. This way you can tell her that you care for her passion too. Be passionate about her passion.

Make a change about what she’s been complaining

It’s not about changing yourself for another person but changing a bad habit that will be beneficial for yourself. So in a way, it’s two birds in one bullet. Like if you’re a smoker and she is been complaining about it for a long time you can cut it out or moderate or buy a nicotine patch which will show her you value her. Or if you are unorganized you can make clean your room. Or if you’re on the phone or occupied in work all the time you can provide her long quality time. That shows you value her words and trust me no gift is greater than valuing words.

Show her you value the “FIRST TIMES”

It’s a typical complain of the girlfriends that men are forgetful especially about the special days like the day they first met. The first kiss, the first time you confessed “I LOVE YOU” etc. It may sound unimportant to you but girls to care about these first times. You can make a personalized notebook where you list all the dates of your special days together with beautiful illustrations and perhaps with photos and gift it to her. This will prove how lucky you feel to have her in your life from the beginning of your journey together.

A collection of MOMENTS

Remember a movie that you watched together? Don’t throw away the tickets. Or don’t neglect the paycheck of your dinners or even the eggshell of first-time she made you breakfast. Don’t throw away the flower she gave you, even if it’s dry. Arrange them all together and keep them in a beautiful antique box and tell her it’s your Pandora’s Box and these moments are the metaphor of hope lies in the box which helps you to get through the tough times. Valuing the moments is every girl’s inner desire which they don’t tell but expects to see from you. Show her the value of moments.

Create a CHAT-book

Are you wondering what’s that? Don’t worry. It’s really easy. All you have to do is go through your messenger’s inbox, WhatsApp chat, phone messages and take the screenshots of your conversations and print them. Then stick them serially in a binding notebook which will look like a conversational book where you two are main characters and no other person is between you. So hurry up be an author of a happiness book.

Be a paparazzi!

Don’t get afraid. For someday start secretly capturing her candid photos and don’t let her know. The simplicity touched beautiful and cute moments like when she drinks the coffee when she plays with her hair when she reads a book, cooking or watching Netflix in her pajamas or even sleeping peacefully. Then get them printed a make an album and hand it over to her and show her the beauty of her own that she was unaware of. This will make her realize, how you adore the way she is and she’s beautiful in your eyes even when she thinks she is not. And also how conscious you are about her.

Keep her busy with FUR and PAWS

This will work if she’s a pet lover. There’s a saying that “the best therapist has fur and four legs”. And it’s a damn true fact. You can take her to a shelter where together you will spend with the stray animals, donate for them or feed them. Their innocence will bring happiness to her and she will feel special with this act of kindness and watching you as a kind-hearted person will make her fall for you again. Because remember nothing beats kindness.

Return her what’s been lost

We always cherish something that we used to have but lost and realize that if somehow we could find that, nothing would make us happier. It can be a book of fairytale that we used to keep under our pillow, it can be a teddy bear which we used to hug while sleeping or even a snowglobe. If she has told you something like she wishes she could find then try to search that dear thing in old shops or Amazon, anywhere possible and give her. Yes, it is hard but if you’re lucky enough and it becomes possible then that’s it; you’re at the top level of giving gifts.

Learn her origin

This also works for some special case. If she’s from another country then spend some months to learn her native language. This way you are learning a new language which will benefit you also and most importantly when you’ll wish her Happy Valentine DAy in her language, she will be both surprised and feel special that you love where she came from. It can also be done in the other way. You can make good terms with her family and no doubt our family is our origin. When a girl observes that you care for her family too you have no idea how loveable you become to her eyes.

Letters to your Juliette

Remember classics never go out of style. Anything personalized shows your integrity, your passion. And what is love without passion? Write a letter in a classy paper and with the words those are written with true feelings. It’s true that action speaks louder than words but sometimes words express the willingness of your action.

Make a short film

Gather some memorable photos and create an elegant love slideshow video with those. Surprise her with the lovely video which is a sweet gesture of love. Recall your moments together.

A classy painting of her

Make her feel like a queen. Hire some professional artists and make a classy painting of her like it’s going to be hanged on the wall of a museum and frame it with a antique frame. Make her realize she rules your kingdom.

Listen to her

Men don’t listen, they just pretend to listen, sounds familiar? Well prove it wrong for this day. Sit peacefully beside her and say her that today is her day and you want to listen to her. Believe it or not, this means a lot that you can imagine


Maybe you are thinking what a typical idea. But still rose or lilies are on your mind. It’s true they are a definition of class but this time bring a variety. Make a bouquet with rare flowers like blue rose or give her some nontraditional flowers. For example: Sunflower, Tulips or it can be water lilies. Never let her be bored.

Last but not least A FIRST DATE

Yes you’ve read it right. Who forgets the first date? You can’t bring back the time but who said you can’t recreate them? Put on the clothes you wore on your first day, book the restaurant you went on that day. Find the dress she wore that day from her closet, Iron that and keep her on her bed attaching a note to wear the dress and arrive at the restaurant exactly on the time that you met on that day. Then have your first date together again. Let her know you’re still as mesmerized by her like you were on the first day.

So don’t wait and don’t keep her waiting. Give her the perfect gift and make an impact. So that she can’t help falling in love with you again. May it be a real HAPPY VALENTINES DAY for both of you.

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25 Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her


14th February 2019 is nearby! So, What is your plan!? How you are going to celebrate this special day!?

Valentine’s Day is the most common occasion, especially for every couple. In this certain day, people try to spend their whole time with their loving partners. Particularly, for girls or women, this is more like an extraordinary day. In this day, they expect extra attention from their loved ones. Maximum girls wish to be surprised by their lovers on this specific day with gifts and affection.

Similarly, for the boys, Valentine’s Day is also a very important and stressful day also. In this specific day, they need to brainstorm on too many things about their girls and have to play a huge responsibility to make this day blissful for their girls. As the choice and taste of the girls’ changes in every minute, so boys become so much puzzled thinking about “what to do” or “what not to do” and “what to give” or “what not to give”. Therefore, to the boys, who are already confused about how to surprise your loved ones in a unique way, please don’t give up! This article can help you out from this biggest confusion.

Here are 25 unique gift ideas for your girls for this upcoming Valentine’s Day:

Handwritten letters

love letters

Though this is 2019, girls still love to get handwritten love letters from their lovers. In this 21st century, everything has changed and upgraded. People now fond of sending messages in a short cut way by Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat etc. But the actual feelings comes when you take a pen and paper and express your love by writing letters. Which is still an evergreen idea at the same time a unique gift for your girl. In this case, you can buy color papers and glitters for decorating the letter. You can even choose a fancy envelope and write something special on it.

Diary with Poems

poemsMake a handmade diary and write some poems on your own for her. Write down the thoughts that you feel for her in phrases. This will be the most romantic present for her.



Chocolate has always been a special gift for someone. Chocolate can be a great present to give for just any incidence or occasion. Chocolate can be gifted for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other holidays. Special occasions or events are also great times to give the present of chocolates. People have an affection to get chocolate gifts on any occasion or even if there isn’t an occasion. If you gift a box of chocolate to your girlfriend, she will be happier than ever.

Decorate a room with a special theme

In this particular day, select a room to decorate. Take a theme according to your girl’s choice. Like, if your girlfriend loves makeup the most, you can put the makeup theme; or, if your girlfriend is a Marvel fan, then decorate the room according to the marvel theme etc. Girls love theme parties and this idea will make them feel more special.

Cook for her

Every girls’ one cute wish is that their lover will make a meal for them. They feel so important and happy if you cook for them. So, cook a special meal which is, of course, your girl’s favorite one.

Specially Decorated Cake

Every celebration is empty without a cake. Presently, the fountain cake is quite popular. So order a fountain cake for her according to the theme, which will add in your surprise plan livelier.

Take her into a Pizza parlor

Pizza is kind of a “typical” favorite fast-food item for every girl. In this day, after giving other presents, you can also take your girlfriend to a pizza parlor.

Gift her a makeup kit

makeup kit

Girls love makeup unconditionally. So presenting them a cute makeup kit according to their favorite brand will make not only their valentine’s day special but also their whole year. Though this is tough to choose makeup kits for you guys, in this situation, you can take help from your girl’s best friend or closest ones who know her liking’s and disliking properly.

Present a Dress

It would be best, if you take her out for shopping and get her what she likes that way, you will get to know what she really likes and what she already has. Maybe on some other occasion, you can surprise her by giving her what she doesn’t have. And spoiler alert your sense of choosing colors should be very good if you really want to see her happy. In summary, she is your girlfriend you must recognize her likes and dislikes better than any person else.

Necklace is always unique


This gift idea may sound like common, but giving your love a necklace is always exceptional ideas. You can present a diamond necklace for her. If you don’t fit it in your budget, then you can give her a customized pendant like- a necklace with attractive quotes or a cute picture of her. But one thing keeps always keep in your mind that, you will not only present her but also put it on her neck.

Nath or Nose ring

Nowadays, the nose ring is a trend. Girls love to wear this. You give it as a present to your girl in this day and see how happy will she feel only by getting this small tiny thing.

AI-based Bluetooth speakers

If your partner is a music lover then you can be brought her a Bluetooth speaker or product like AI assistant. Now, most of the devices are AI based. That means its carrying artificial intelligence. At present, you don’t have to type anything. Just say or command anything you want, everything will be in your hand. So in this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can present your love an AI-based Bluetooth speaker. New age group girls love this device the most. You can give them- Amazon Alexa or a Google Home to your girlfriend. Which can help your lover, in her daily life?

Bluetooth Headphone

If your partner is very much fond of music, then you can give her a Bluetooth headphone. Using this she can easily listen to music during her normal work.

Get her a smartphone with a high regulation camera:

A smartphone is a need. It’s a daily used product for all of us. No one can live a single moment without it. Girls are more concerned about the high picture quality of any smartphones by which they can take millions of photos. So, you can get your girl cheerful by giving her a smartphone with a high-resolution camera. Trust me, by giving this present will enrich the limit of her love to you.

Take her to her beloved musician concert

If you are lucky to have good timing, you can bring your girlfriend to her preferred musician concert. For that, you have to take an advance ticket for the concert day. she will definitely love this surprise for sure.

4k Camera

In an age where even consumer cameras capture reformist 1920 x 1080 HD video in a standardized video. 4k cameras are the latest invention of modern science. It has been a great equipment for modern photography. You can capture your bests moment and recall it after many years by using 4k cameras. So you can gift your photogenic partner a 4k camera.

Have a tour

Touring is always delightful and refreshing. If you want to give the biggest surprise to your love, you can give her the tour tickets as a gift. If she loves adventure, it will be a great valentine’s day for her. So this very special day, have a couple tour and make Valentine’s Day more daring and refreshing to her.

LED watch

LED watch is a trend now a day. So you can buy a watch for your partner.

BTS is the soft corner

Almost every girls’ soft corner nowadays is the BTS band. This is the band with seven members. Girls love each and everything of this band. Therefore, you can give anything related to BTS band to your girlfriend. You can take her to visit BTS concert. And for those by whom this cannot be possible, in this case, you can gift your girlfriend a BTS image T-shirt, pillow covers, jacket, magic mug, bracelet etc.

Watch a Movie

This is the best day to go for a romantic movie with your girl. Choose a movie that she likes to watch and take her to a nice movie hall.

Scooty is freedom

Girls like freedom and giving your love a Scooty as a Valentine’s Day gift will make her feel freer like a bird.

Polaroid Camera

Appealing is everything in 2019. Your girlfriend repetitively asks for photos. So you can gift her polaroid camera, in which photos can be printed immediately. You can take her photos at any place, any time.

Beauty Products

Shakespeare’s in his novel Hamlet says “a woman without paint is like food without salt”.  So is makeup necessary for every girl? You can gift your girlfriend a bunch of beauty product on this valentine day. Present this gift on valentine day can make your partner more beautiful.


If your girlfriend are bookworm then you can buy her bunch of books. 100% she loves this gift. Buy her favorite book series, like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Crazy Rich Asians. Books can change her mind about anything, and it can also refresh her mind. That’s also refreshing you. Make her happy will your first choice. So gift her a bunch of book and enjoy both of you the taste of adventure.

Disney World

Disney world is one of the happiest places on earth. You get to relive your favorite Disney land. You can recall your childhood movies live an in color on rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom. On the other hand, you can eat and drink around the world. This would be your pocket-friendly tour.

Valentine’s is a mainly woman-centric holiday. But it’s your responsibility, make this occasion special for her. Applying all these tips in this valentine day, you can make the day more joyful. So make it special for her and enjoy the day with her.

One thing, because this month is the Valentin month so if you have other gifts ideas for your loved one please feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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Lastly, happy  Valentine for everyone.

Image Source: pexels