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25 Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her

14th February 2019 is nearby! So, What is your plan!? How you are going to celebrate this special day!? Valentine’s Day is the most common …


14th February 2019 is nearby! So, What is your plan!? How you are going to celebrate this special day!?

Valentine’s Day is the most common occasion, especially for every couple. In this certain day, people try to spend their whole time with their loving partners. Particularly, for girls or women, this is more like an extraordinary day. In this day, they expect extra attention from their loved ones. Maximum girls wish to be surprised by their lovers on this specific day with gifts and affection.

Similarly, for the boys, Valentine’s Day is also a very important and stressful day also. In this specific day, they need to brainstorm on too many things about their girls and have to play a huge responsibility to make this day blissful for their girls. As the choice and taste of the girls’ changes in every minute, so boys become so much puzzled thinking about “what to do” or “what not to do” and “what to give” or “what not to give”. Therefore, to the boys, who are already confused about how to surprise your loved ones in a unique way, please don’t give up! This article can help you out from this biggest confusion.

Here are 25 unique gift ideas for your girls for this upcoming Valentine’s Day:

Handwritten letters

love letters

Though this is 2019, girls still love to get handwritten love letters from their lovers. In this 21st century, everything has changed and upgraded. People now fond of sending messages in a short cut way by Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat etc. But the actual feelings comes when you take a pen and paper and express your love by writing letters. Which is still an evergreen idea at the same time a unique gift for your girl. In this case, you can buy color papers and glitters for decorating the letter. You can even choose a fancy envelope and write something special on it.

Diary with Poems

poemsMake a handmade diary and write some poems on your own for her. Write down the thoughts that you feel for her in phrases. This will be the most romantic present for her.



Chocolate has always been a special gift for someone. Chocolate can be a great present to give for just any incidence or occasion. Chocolate can be gifted for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other holidays. Special occasions or events are also great times to give the present of chocolates. People have an affection to get chocolate gifts on any occasion or even if there isn’t an occasion. If you gift a box of chocolate to your girlfriend, she will be happier than ever.

Decorate a room with a special theme

In this particular day, select a room to decorate. Take a theme according to your girl’s choice. Like, if your girlfriend loves makeup the most, you can put the makeup theme; or, if your girlfriend is a Marvel fan, then decorate the room according to the marvel theme etc. Girls love theme parties and this idea will make them feel more special.

Cook for her

Every girls’ one cute wish is that their lover will make a meal for them. They feel so important and happy if you cook for them. So, cook a special meal which is, of course, your girl’s favorite one.

Specially Decorated Cake

Every celebration is empty without a cake. Presently, the fountain cake is quite popular. So order a fountain cake for her according to the theme, which will add in your surprise plan livelier.

Take her into a Pizza parlor

Pizza is kind of a “typical” favorite fast-food item for every girl. In this day, after giving other presents, you can also take your girlfriend to a pizza parlor.

Gift her a makeup kit

makeup kit

Girls love makeup unconditionally. So presenting them a cute makeup kit according to their favorite brand will make not only their valentine’s day special but also their whole year. Though this is tough to choose makeup kits for you guys, in this situation, you can take help from your girl’s best friend or closest ones who know her liking’s and disliking properly.

Present a Dress

It would be best, if you take her out for shopping and get her what she likes that way, you will get to know what she really likes and what she already has. Maybe on some other occasion, you can surprise her by giving her what she doesn’t have. And spoiler alert your sense of choosing colors should be very good if you really want to see her happy. In summary, she is your girlfriend you must recognize her likes and dislikes better than any person else.

Necklace is always unique


This gift idea may sound like common, but giving your love a necklace is always exceptional ideas. You can present a diamond necklace for her. If you don’t fit it in your budget, then you can give her a customized pendant like- a necklace with attractive quotes or a cute picture of her. But one thing keeps always keep in your mind that, you will not only present her but also put it on her neck.

Nath or Nose ring

Nowadays, the nose ring is a trend. Girls love to wear this. You give it as a present to your girl in this day and see how happy will she feel only by getting this small tiny thing.

AI-based Bluetooth speakers

If your partner is a music lover then you can be brought her a Bluetooth speaker or product like AI assistant. Now, most of the devices are AI based. That means its carrying artificial intelligence. At present, you don’t have to type anything. Just say or command anything you want, everything will be in your hand. So in this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can present your love an AI-based Bluetooth speaker. New age group girls love this device the most. You can give them- Amazon Alexa or a Google Home to your girlfriend. Which can help your lover, in her daily life?

Bluetooth Headphone

If your partner is very much fond of music, then you can give her a Bluetooth headphone. Using this she can easily listen to music during her normal work.

Get her a smartphone with a high regulation camera:

A smartphone is a need. It’s a daily used product for all of us. No one can live a single moment without it. Girls are more concerned about the high picture quality of any smartphones by which they can take millions of photos. So, you can get your girl cheerful by giving her a smartphone with a high-resolution camera. Trust me, by giving this present will enrich the limit of her love to you.

Take her to her beloved musician concert

If you are lucky to have good timing, you can bring your girlfriend to her preferred musician concert. For that, you have to take an advance ticket for the concert day. she will definitely love this surprise for sure.

4k Camera

In an age where even consumer cameras capture reformist 1920 x 1080 HD video in a standardized video. 4k cameras are the latest invention of modern science. It has been a great equipment for modern photography. You can capture your bests moment and recall it after many years by using 4k cameras. So you can gift your photogenic partner a 4k camera.

Have a tour

Touring is always delightful and refreshing. If you want to give the biggest surprise to your love, you can give her the tour tickets as a gift. If she loves adventure, it will be a great valentine’s day for her. So this very special day, have a couple tour and make Valentine’s Day more daring and refreshing to her.

LED watch

LED watch is a trend now a day. So you can buy a watch for your partner.

BTS is the soft corner

Almost every girls’ soft corner nowadays is the BTS band. This is the band with seven members. Girls love each and everything of this band. Therefore, you can give anything related to BTS band to your girlfriend. You can take her to visit BTS concert. And for those by whom this cannot be possible, in this case, you can gift your girlfriend a BTS image T-shirt, pillow covers, jacket, magic mug, bracelet etc.

Watch a Movie

This is the best day to go for a romantic movie with your girl. Choose a movie that she likes to watch and take her to a nice movie hall.

Scooty is freedom

Girls like freedom and giving your love a Scooty as a Valentine’s Day gift will make her feel freer like a bird.

Polaroid Camera

Appealing is everything in 2019. Your girlfriend repetitively asks for photos. So you can gift her polaroid camera, in which photos can be printed immediately. You can take her photos at any place, any time.

Beauty Products

Shakespeare’s in his novel Hamlet says “a woman without paint is like food without salt”.  So is makeup necessary for every girl? You can gift your girlfriend a bunch of beauty product on this valentine day. Present this gift on valentine day can make your partner more beautiful.


If your girlfriend are bookworm then you can buy her bunch of books. 100% she loves this gift. Buy her favorite book series, like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Crazy Rich Asians. Books can change her mind about anything, and it can also refresh her mind. That’s also refreshing you. Make her happy will your first choice. So gift her a bunch of book and enjoy both of you the taste of adventure.

Disney World

Disney world is one of the happiest places on earth. You get to relive your favorite Disney land. You can recall your childhood movies live an in color on rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom. On the other hand, you can eat and drink around the world. This would be your pocket-friendly tour.

Valentine’s is a mainly woman-centric holiday. But it’s your responsibility, make this occasion special for her. Applying all these tips in this valentine day, you can make the day more joyful. So make it special for her and enjoy the day with her.

One thing, because this month is the Valentin month so if you have other gifts ideas for your loved one please feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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Lastly, happy  Valentine for everyone.

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