Stay Solo and Safe: 5 rules of thumb for traveling alone

While passing a stressed and busy Monday, I realize that our life goes around some basic slots. Get an education, get a job/business, get a partner and touch the last milestone of life – death! Inside this infinite loop, sometimes we totally lose our connection with nature and our inner-selves. On the very next Tuesday, I was going through some inspirational blogs and found out that the ultimate point of freedom is – traveling, to be specific traveling alone. For revoking my wild nature and breaking the monotonous Monday-To-Friday routine, I started to travel alone.


Collecting friends and family for a tour and reaching to a common decision was always the trickiest part. So I started to believe in the famous song of Tagore – “If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone”. It was always challenging and sometimes it was dangerous. But I survived and enjoyed the solo tours more than anything happened in my life. So, after gathering experiences in 7 countries and numerous local places – today I want to write the five rules of thumbs for solo travelers. Let’s go through the 5 rules to stay solo and safe while traveling alone.

Make Plans

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From packing luggage to reserving a ticket – there are plenty of things that will be needed in a solo trip. Remember, there’ll be no one to take care of yourself. But, don’t panic! That’s our ultimate goal – to stay and explore ALONE. It’s a journey of meditation and restructuring inner self. So, do the homework and initial works before leaving home. That will give you extra free times during the tour. Don’t forget any tiny detail, like – medicine list or emergency contact list.

Live like the Locals

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It may sound weird but behaving like locals and wearing like them often minimize the challenges of a solo traveler increasing the level of safety and security. It is always wise to attract less attention while you are traveling alone. Local people generally don’t give extra attention to local-looking people. So, if you are wearing a local dress and roaming around the area with your camera – that’ll not make you a target victim easily. But, always try to minimize the amount of expensive-looking gadgets; like – camera, lenses, tripods and so on unless you are a professional photographer. We are exploring the beauty and the surroundings – carrying the pictures inside our neuron cells; not in the camera.

Embrace the Reality

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Almost all beautiful places have some evil people and we can never deny this fact. Moreover, some people do crimes because of poverty and that’s a cruel fact of many countries. Our first concern is safety and we can ensure it by ourselves. Roaming around alone at midnight is a scenario when you are making yourself vulnerable to many crimes. So, while traveling alone please try to be optimistic about adventures. We are traveling, not participating in any bravery show or X-factor. So, a little sensibility can reduce the probability of an accident.

Be an Early Bird


Pub crawling after midnight or checking out the local nightclubs sound cool and trendy. But they drain out your energy and make you tired for the next couple of days. Don’t be a night owl. Go to bed early and try hard to be an early bird. Kick-off the day with a nice breakfast at a local café and increase the amount of day time. You will also get fewer crowds in popular tourist places. Last hour entry to any historical place or museum is not a good idea at all. Finish the sightseeing during the day and after sunset, you’ll get plenty of times to check out the local stores and evening shows.

Make local friends

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The tour actually starts before getting out of our apartments. While reserving the flight tickets, you can also search and find out some friendly locals who also loves traveling. Couchsurfing, Meetup, Airbnb – these are some of the safest sources of friendly local people. Local friends and travelers can be your best assets with lots of free tips and guidance.  You can also get ideas about the events and attractive places which can be helpful to make a detailed plan. So, be friendly and relax.

Solo travelers find out the ultimate jewels of life – getting the scope to find out the inner-self and giving time to know thyself. Many years ago, Mr.Socrates said – “The unexamined life is not worth living“. Solo travelers actually examined and experience their own secret stories and desires. So, be brave to leave your friends, family and comfort routine-zone for a while and rummage in the beauty of the whole world. And don’t forget to share your story with Simplebuthow.

Bis Später! See you later!