Be A Writer

Passionate about Pen & Paper?

Are you passionate about pen and paper? Want to convert the idea into a content by using your keyboard? Then we would be overwhelmed to have you as a “Simplebuthow Bee”. That’s the term we use for our talented writers. And we are always looking for new talents to join our growing team. You can join us as a “Seasonal Bee” (Guest Writer) or a “Permanent Bee” (Regular Writer).

What are the Opportunities?

  • You are given a platform to expose your works to a growing audience from every corner of the world.
  • A detail author bio which gives you full credit for your contribution.
  • A backlink of the content to your own site (if any).
  • Every article/content that is submitted will be promoted in social media by and Simplebuthow team is sure that you will also do the same with your networks.

Needs of Simplebuthow

If you feel that you have personal or professional experience or just a random story or news to share with funky word, then we want you to be a part of team! wants to serve the readers with all aspects of life in a positive manner. And wants to share the positive vibes through the writings of the talented writers. Let’s do it together in a simple yet practical way.

Write an article with at least 800 words, within (but not limited to) any of the following categories:

  • Life
  • Health
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Tips and Tricks

From the tips and tricks you use at home to the restaurants you explored during your backpack tours – share everything you want to share. Your simplified recipes from kitchen, book reviews from library, techy tips from work, cheeky tricks from relationships and so on – start writing to be a Simplebuthow Bee.

Check the articles from the above sections to be familiar with the type of articles we publish.

Guideline: Writing and Submission

We want to publish articles that are easy to digest. So that readers come back to us regularly. Articles should be easy, quick and simple.

Some points from our side:

  • At least 1000 words, but you can write more if appropriate.
  • Please PROOFREAD your content before submitting it.
  • Attach realistic yet attractive pictures you want to include with your post. And don’t forget to give appropriate attribution and credits. People relates more with photographs as it is easy to visualize. Adding at least one photo is encouraged.
  • Please INCLUDE source of the quotes, studies, facts, or stats, if required.
  • Please share your ideas/thoughts and a link to your blog (if any).
  • You can also attach samples of your writing to get started as a guest writer (Seasonal Bee).

How you can send your content?

  1. You can send you content using our contact us page.
  2. You can share your google doc with me
  3. You can send you article with WeTransfer (use address)