Valentine’s Day is the poet’s holiday.
– Ted Koosner, Poet.

“Valentine’s Day”. Some may call it overrated or cheesy but there’s no harm to celebrate love, right?

Even if it is silly then remember there’s a saying “love makes the wisest man a fool”, so be proud of silliness. Love is worth being silly for and should be celebrated. And which celebration is complete without gifts? Is there someone that doesn’t love gifts? Whether it be a 5-year old kid or a 70-year old, everyone loves to receive gifts. The power of gifts is it can bring a smile on anyone’s face. It says itself “I care” and it brings a smile on the other side.

But before Valentine’s Day there is usually a lot of pressure on buying Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends. Many of the boyfriends have already started searching “best gifts for girlfriends” but are disappointed because they already did those and now they need something new, something unique. Well, go through the article pick one and give the best Valentine’s gift and sweep her off her feet.

Match it with her passion

Match it with her passion

Your gift should reflect the person you’re gifting. If she’s a bookworm give her an original copy of her favorite book that she always craved for. If she’s a Harry Potter fan give her a harry potter accessories like wand or time turner. If she’s a music fan you can give her a music box or a high-quality headset. Even if she’s a foodaholic then gifts that help provide her everyday cooking easy is preferable. This way you can tell her that you care for her passion too. Be passionate about her passion.

Make a change about what she’s been complaining

It’s not about changing yourself for another person but changing a bad habit that will be beneficial for yourself. So in a way, it’s two birds in one bullet. Like if you’re a smoker and she is been complaining about it for a long time you can cut it out or moderate or buy a nicotine patch which will show her you value her. Or if you are unorganized you can make clean your room. Or if you’re on the phone or occupied in work all the time you can provide her long quality time. That shows you value her words and trust me no gift is greater than valuing words.

Show her you value the “FIRST TIMES”

It’s a typical complain of the girlfriends that men are forgetful especially about the special days like the day they first met. The first kiss, the first time you confessed “I LOVE YOU” etc. It may sound unimportant to you but girls to care about these first times. You can make a personalized notebook where you list all the dates of your special days together with beautiful illustrations and perhaps with photos and gift it to her. This will prove how lucky you feel to have her in your life from the beginning of your journey together.

A collection of MOMENTS

Remember a movie that you watched together? Don’t throw away the tickets. Or don’t neglect the paycheck of your dinners or even the eggshell of first-time she made you breakfast. Don’t throw away the flower she gave you, even if it’s dry. Arrange them all together and keep them in a beautiful antique box and tell her it’s your Pandora’s Box and these moments are the metaphor of hope lies in the box which helps you to get through the tough times. Valuing the moments is every girl’s inner desire which they don’t tell but expects to see from you. Show her the value of moments.

Create a CHAT-book

Are you wondering what’s that? Don’t worry. It’s really easy. All you have to do is go through your messenger’s inbox, WhatsApp chat, phone messages and take the screenshots of your conversations and print them. Then stick them serially in a binding notebook which will look like a conversational book where you two are main characters and no other person is between you. So hurry up be an author of a happiness book.

Be a paparazzi!

Don’t get afraid. For someday start secretly capturing her candid photos and don’t let her know. The simplicity touched beautiful and cute moments like when she drinks the coffee when she plays with her hair when she reads a book, cooking or watching Netflix in her pajamas or even sleeping peacefully. Then get them printed a make an album and hand it over to her and show her the beauty of her own that she was unaware of. This will make her realize, how you adore the way she is and she’s beautiful in your eyes even when she thinks she is not. And also how conscious you are about her.

Keep her busy with FUR and PAWS

This will work if she’s a pet lover. There’s a saying that “the best therapist has fur and four legs”. And it’s a damn true fact. You can take her to a shelter where together you will spend with the stray animals, donate for them or feed them. Their innocence will bring happiness to her and she will feel special with this act of kindness and watching you as a kind-hearted person will make her fall for you again. Because remember nothing beats kindness.

Return her what’s been lost

We always cherish something that we used to have but lost and realize that if somehow we could find that, nothing would make us happier. It can be a book of fairytale that we used to keep under our pillow, it can be a teddy bear which we used to hug while sleeping or even a snowglobe. If she has told you something like she wishes she could find then try to search that dear thing in old shops or Amazon, anywhere possible and give her. Yes, it is hard but if you’re lucky enough and it becomes possible then that’s it; you’re at the top level of giving gifts.

Learn her origin

This also works for some special case. If she’s from another country then spend some months to learn her native language. This way you are learning a new language which will benefit you also and most importantly when you’ll wish her Happy Valentine DAy in her language, she will be both surprised and feel special that you love where she came from. It can also be done in the other way. You can make good terms with her family and no doubt our family is our origin. When a girl observes that you care for her family too you have no idea how loveable you become to her eyes.

Letters to your Juliette

Remember classics never go out of style. Anything personalized shows your integrity, your passion. And what is love without passion? Write a letter in a classy paper and with the words those are written with true feelings. It’s true that action speaks louder than words but sometimes words express the willingness of your action.

Make a short film

Gather some memorable photos and create an elegant love slideshow video with those. Surprise her with the lovely video which is a sweet gesture of love. Recall your moments together.

A classy painting of her

Make her feel like a queen. Hire some professional artists and make a classy painting of her like it’s going to be hanged on the wall of a museum and frame it with a antique frame. Make her realize she rules your kingdom.

Listen to her

Men don’t listen, they just pretend to listen, sounds familiar? Well prove it wrong for this day. Sit peacefully beside her and say her that today is her day and you want to listen to her. Believe it or not, this means a lot that you can imagine


Maybe you are thinking what a typical idea. But still rose or lilies are on your mind. It’s true they are a definition of class but this time bring a variety. Make a bouquet with rare flowers like blue rose or give her some nontraditional flowers. For example: Sunflower, Tulips or it can be water lilies. Never let her be bored.

Last but not least A FIRST DATE

Yes you’ve read it right. Who forgets the first date? You can’t bring back the time but who said you can’t recreate them? Put on the clothes you wore on your first day, book the restaurant you went on that day. Find the dress she wore that day from her closet, Iron that and keep her on her bed attaching a note to wear the dress and arrive at the restaurant exactly on the time that you met on that day. Then have your first date together again. Let her know you’re still as mesmerized by her like you were on the first day.

So don’t wait and don’t keep her waiting. Give her the perfect gift and make an impact. So that she can’t help falling in love with you again. May it be a real HAPPY VALENTINES DAY for both of you.

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