Forget Photoshop – You can edit photos in Microsoft Word

You can edit photos in Microsoft Word

Most computer users know what Photoshop can do. It’s the most powerful and widely used photo editing software by Adobe. I use Photoshop all the time for photo editing requirements. But if you don’t have Photoshop installed on your computer or If you are not familiar with any photo editing software but still want to edit your photos, you can use Microsoft Word. Yes, you read it right. Microsoft Word contains a few but effective photo editing tools for users. If you ask i.e. How to edit pictures in Microsoft Word? Then welcome to my today’s Blog.

In this Blog, I am going to demonstrate most of the options which will show you how you can edit a photo or photos in Microsoft word conveniently.

Here I will answer most of your questions based on Microsoft word picture editing methods.

Let’s begin!

Note: For this tutorial, I will use Microsoft Word 2019 beta version. But you can use Microsoft word 2007, 2013 and 2016. All these have a very close option for image editing (Picture Editing Tool).

How to write on a picture in Microsoft Word?

You can write on any picture in Microsoft word. Please follow the steps below-

  • After opening Microsoft Word Click on the tab “Insert” and this will reveal options for you. From here you need to click on the “Pictures” ribbon tab. A window will open where you need to select your desired image in the hard drive.

write on a picture in word

  • There are two ways to write on a picture in Microsoft word. First, select the image and go to the “Layout” menu. Click “Wrap Text” and from below tree (or drop-down menu), select “Behind text”. Now you can write anything on the picture. Just place your cursor in the image where you want the text.

  • The second way is to put a text block on the image. For this go to the “Insert” menu. Click on “Text box” under the “Text” ribbon tab. Select “Draw A Text Box” from the drop-down. You can write anything in the text box. The box will be white-colored fill by default. You can select no fill from the “Shape Format” tab, click on the “Shape Fill” and select “No Fill”. The text will be now on the photo directly without any fill.

How to erase part of a picture in Microsoft Word?

You can easily erase any part of a picture in word. Just select the picture. Then go to the “Format” menu > click the “Crop” icon under the text ribbon tab. Select “Crop” from the dropdown. Then fix your cropping area using the cropping parameter. You can also use “Crop to Shape” and “Aspect Ratio” as per your requirement.


How to remove background or delete part of a picture using Microsoft word?

I have already written another tutorial about it – “X-ray see-through effects using Microsoft Word“. However, here I will show you how you can remove the background or delete part of a picture. Just follow the steps –

  • Insert your Image and click “Format” menu
  • Click “Background remove” ribbon tab.
  • Here you need to click the “Mark Areas to Keep” pen tool for which part of your image you want to keep and select the “Mark Areas to Remove” pen tool for which part of your image you don’t want. You can draw the area as to your requirements.
  • After selection click “Keep Changes” and you will get your image ready.

Note: Microsoft word automatically detects what you select or not and do the editing as per your requirements.


How to color correct an image by Microsoft Word?

Color correcting an image in Microsoft word is very easy.

  • Just select the image that you have inserted in the application.
  • Then click the “Format” menu tab.
  • There Click the “Corrections” icon from the “Adjust” section. You get the “Sharpen/Soften” and “Brightness/Contrast” preview model from the drop-down section. Here you can select any desired thumbnail and check the live preview of your color-corrected image.

  • You can also color correct or change the color of your image by the “Color” icon from the “Adjust” section. From the drop-down options, you can choose 3 type color options like “Color Saturation” “Color Tone” and “Recolor”. Choose what type of color you required from those three dropdown sections.

How to put some effects on the image in Microsoft Word?

If you want to put some effects on the image then you need to follow below steps –

Just select your image and from the “Format” menu > Click on “Artistic Effects” > select your desired effects from the dropdown options.


Compress pictures in word

You can compress images in Microsoft Word. Just follow the steps-

  • After selecting the image, go to the “Format” menu > click the “Compress Pictures” icon.
  • You will get 5 options like HD (330 PPI), Print (220 PPI), Web (150 PPI), Email (96 PPI) and default.
  • Select which version you need and click “OK”.

  • Now you can save the compressed image by right click on the image and click “Save as picture

Reset your image editing in word

Sometimes after image editing, you could change your mind and reset the image to the previous form. For this you need to select the image and go to the picture tool “Format” menu > Click “Reset Picture”. This will reset all the modification of your image.

And that’s it for today. You can also play with all the tools from the picture tool “Format” tab. If you have any question then feel free to ask in the comment section. We also have a dedicated question and answer community at your service.

Surprising X-ray See Through Cloth Effects Using Microsoft Word


Hello everyone, today I would like to show you a surprising way to edit your photo. X-ray See Through cloth effects using Microsoft Word in specific.  As you already know what Photoshop can do with lots of tools and huge editing capacity. In the next tutorial, I will show you how you can edit photos x-ray see-through cloth using Adobe Photoshop. But, for today I am about to show you how you can do that without using Photoshop. This is going to be something special that you can see step by step till the end.

Yeah, you heard that right. Today I will show you how to edit pictures to see through clothes using only Microsoft word [Surprise!].

So, let’s start!

In today’s tutorial, I will edit the dress in order to see through just using Microsoft office word processing software (Microsoft Word). I will use two female body images and make their cloth see-through (little bit x-ray effects on them). Above, you can already see the featured image and I am going to show you how to do exactly like that using Microsoft Word Software.

Note: For choosing images you need to find images that are a little bit transparent or semi-transparent. Because without the transparency in the image the effect will not going to work perfectly.

First Step: Find Image, Open MS-Word

Find an image that you are going to give x-ray see-through effects. Make sure your selected image has a little bit transparency so that you can do your thing for the purpose.

You can download some Images from this link.

Let’s open Microsoft word first. For this tutorial, I am using the latest version of Microsoft Word software beta 2019. This tutorial also works with Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft Word 2016.

So, if you have any of that software then you are good to go. Go to File > New > Select Blank Document

Click on file menu

Click new and blank document Second Step: Insert the Image

In this step, you need to insert your downloaded images to the blank document.

Just Go to the tab Insert > Now click the “Pictures” tab from the ribbon tab. See the below image.

Select insert and click pictures

Now select the desired image that you previously downloaded and click the “insert” button as below image.

select your image that you want to have x-ray effects
Select your image that you want to have x-ray effects

Third Step: Zoom and Replace the Image

In this step, you need to zoom in your image as per your requirement and copy the image and place it beside the image.

Zoom and Replace the Image

Now select the second image and this will show the image option for you. There you have to select the “Format” tab. Then click the “Remove Background” ribbon tab.

click format menu and click background remove ribbon tab
Click format menu and click background remove ribbon tab

Fourth Step: Select the portion that you want see-through

Check the image below. After clicking the “Remove Background” ribbon tab you will see some options for removing the background or selecting the image portion. In this version, MS-Word will automatically detect your image selection. You can change it depending on your requirements. The violet area is not selected but the normal color area is selected. But, for the job, we need the cloth portion only. You do that easily by Using “Mark Area to Keep” and “Mark Area to Remove” ribbon tab. “Mark Area to Keep” will allow you the portions you want to keep for further use. Opposite for “Mark Area to Remove” will not be kept. Use your accuracy to do this properly. Don’t worry. It’s not that hard.

Select the portion that you want see-through
Select the portion that you want see-through

Here I just selected the specific area using the “Mark Area to Remove” ribbon tab. Microsoft word is pretty much automated with these steps.

get your image background removed

Now click on the “keep changes” ribbon tab and you will get your image background removed.

Select keep changes
get your image background removed

After selecting the background removed image, you will see a “Layout Option” after selection. As per the below image please select those marked options.

configure layer options

Last Steps: Let’s do the x-ray see-through cloth effects

Now, copy the main Image again and post it besides it as like previous. See below image;

do the x-ray see-through cloth effects

Now again select the second image. After that, you will have the “Format” ribbon tab. Now, right-click on that image, here you will get the “Format Pictures” option.

Select format pictures

After clicking it you will get “Format Picture” option tabs. Please select “picture” Icon and you will get 3 sub-option below it.

Select picture correction

Click “Picture Correction” option and here you will get sharpen/soften, brightness and contrast option. When you change the slider of brightness you will see the changes in your selected images in real-time. You can try sharpness or contrast slides for your desired results. You can use autoformatted options right beside the editing tools you can use sliders or numbers to get your satisfactory one.

change the slide for x-ray effects

You can also try “Picture Color” options with saturation and temperature slides for more dramatic changes.

slides for more dramatic changes

It’s complete now. You have done it. Below image is the result of our work. If you have followed the instructions perfectly then you already achieved x-ray see-through cloth effects in your desired image.

achieve x-ray see-through cloth effects

Now, it’s your turn.

I have done another image with the same technique. This time I will use white dresses for x-ray effects. Below is the before and after example.


Hope this will help you to understand more about Microsoft features. If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to comment.

Happy Editing 🙂

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