How to make a lifesize Cardboard Cutout Standing?

Process to make a lifesize cardboard cutout stand at home.

Lifesize cardboard cutout stand up

The previous post summarized the process of making personalized cardboard cutouts in a nutshell. As a result, many readers asked how they could make a lifesize cardboard cutout stand at home. Here’s the easiest way to make a cutout stand up. 

I have listed all the required materials, meanings, and measurements for the life-sized cutout stand. In addition, I discussed all the steps involved in assembling a life-size cutout of your home. By following those steps, you should get a good one.

What Does It Mean By “lifesize cardboard cutout standing?”

It is essential to know the actual meaning of the life-size cutout standing. Because a life-size cutout stand is utterly different from a regular stand, it works as a significant supporting part of the personalized cardboard cutout. Also, good hand-made stands can be used for multiple cutouts. 

A cardboard stand up
Demo standee

The term “life-size” refers to the actual size of a person. That could be similar to the targeted structure you are looking to achieve. If someone wants to make a stand for a cardboard cutout similar in size to his, that is a life-size cutout standing.

Essential materials for making a lifesize cardboard cutout stand up

To do the job properly, you need some essential materials. I suggest collecting those essential items before you start the practical work. Firstly, you need solid cardboard. Then collect two sticks, some sticky glue, and a cutting scissor. Just buy those things at your nearby supermarket to avoid further hassles. Overall, you will need about $15 to purchase those items. After purchasing all those mentioned materials, come back to your home. See the next segment for the steps. 

What Should Be the Measurement of a Life-Sized Cutout Standing Up?

As you are making a stand at your home, identify the exact measurement of the first point. The giant sheet should be at least 3 feet long. The width depends on the height of that cardboard sheet, which will be exactly half of the height. 

So, if you are making a 3-foot tall stand, then the width would be 1.5 feet. If it is based on the real size of a human being, then the stand will be 5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. Don’t extend the size over 6 feet. That will exceed the average height of a person. As a result, shorter people will not get the proper visibility from the ground anyway.

Another must-know thing is the proper position for adding supportive sticks. Always put the standing sticks at the center of that cardboard sheet. To find the central position, find the middle point. Just measure it from the top of the sheet board to the basement area and divide the total distance in half. Maybe the calculation seems a bit messy to you. Well, see the example to make it clear.

Lifesize cardboard cutout standing measurement math:

If the height is 6 feet,

The center will be = (6’/2’) = 3 feet 

So, depending upon the height, the central part will vary. The size of the stick will be the same as the size of the central part. Then put the stick at a 45-degree angle from the central part to achieve an excellent standing ability.

Steps to Make a Life-Size Cutout Stand Up at Home

This part is all about the making process of the lifesize cutout stand up. If you have already collected all the materials according to the previous section, then move forward to know the steps. Let’s have a look at these steps noted below.

  • Firstly, cut the giant sheet of cardboard to the exact border you want. Use a pencil to draw the border correctly. After creating the borderline, cut through the sheet following the lines. 
  • Then use the sticky glue to attach the sticks to the sheet. Make sure the sticks are adequately positioned at 45-degree angles. That will help the cardboard sheet stand firmly. 
  • In the last part, add some wooden color to make the sheet board look more attractive. Add similar colors according to the printed picture because color matching plays a massive role in setting up any decoration. Alternatively, some may keep the original sheet color. If you don’t want to add any new colors to the stand, that is quite OK.

After you have done with the standing part, cut the printed photo according to its size. You’ll be able to make a proper cardboard cutout stand at your house this way. Don’t forget to ask us any relevant queries in the comment box. Also, gather more knowledge from YouTube to make the whole process faster.

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