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Making a personalized cardboard cutout is really fun. Cardboard cutouts can completely transform the look of a room. Using cardboard cutouts, you can magnificently decorate your office and room. It creates extra attractions for birthdays, weddings, and family gatherings. That easily attracts visitors and shows the artist hidden inside you. However, many people make this simple process too complicated. Some of them get undone because of a lack of knowledge. But here, I will share the most straightforward way I know of to make my cardboard cutouts. Let’s see the section below. 

Before proceeding to the main section, I’d like to clear up any confusion you may have about cardboard cutouts. The reason for calling it a cardboard cutout is that it is created from different cut parts of printed pictures aboard. It is a cardboard statue made of cardboard that comes with a printed picture. Any well-crafted paperboard statue looks so real that people are astonished. The personalized cardboard cutout, also known as a standee,

Personalized Cardboard Cutout Essential Materials

As you have decided to make your cardboard statue, you must gather these essential items. A powerful holding glue, a high-resolution printed photo, some white cardboard, and two sticks for the stand. First, you need those pieces for the entire process to run smoothly. I suggest you collect all the required items first, then move on to the projects. Completing your preparation with this team is a wise idea. Also, avoid buying any unnecessary things here. 

cardboard mock image.
Image: Cutting the cardboard

Some people may use ready-made stands or customized photos to avoid all obstacles. As a result, you can use any quick and innovative methods listed here to complete your material collection.

How to Make Personalized Cardboard Cutout Easily 

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with making cardboard cutouts. I recently completed the whole process and got an excellent result. One of my friends was surprised after seeing my statue in the bedroom. To help you make a beautiful one, I’m sharing my own experience here. Well, have a look at these steps for making cardboard cutouts.

  • Use of high-resolution photos

To make a beautiful paper statue, you must have a high-resolution photo. Only a high-resolution picture can be adequately stretched. That will not alter the actual color or light in any way. Otherwise, the picture will look very blurry. So, to get started, use the most attractive photo you have. 

  • Printing the photo

In the second stage, that high-resolution photo needs to be printed. Before processing it for printing, make sure you have enlarged the size of the image. Also, don’t forget to print it on white cardstock.

  • Cutting and arrangement 

This is the most critical stage of making a personalized cardboard cutout. To cut the picture into the exact shape, use a pencil or a marker to create borderlines. Then, according to body size, cut the unnecessary parts of this printed photo. 

After that, you should arrange the cut pieces on the board to attach the broken parts. It took a long time to arrange my photo. There were also sequences of that accurate picture from the soft copy. 

  • Attachment 

To complete the attachment, adhere to the sequences properly and apply sticky glue. I just used glue to complete the attachment. Some may use packaging tape instead of glue. Just don’t do anything stupid like that. The tape will make the statue look very unsightly.

  • Final touch 

In the final stage, use two sticks to make a stand. Put the sticks at 45-degree angles just opposite the cardboard. That’s it. Those were my steps for making cardboard cutouts. I followed the steps above to complete my cardboard cutout. If you follow all those significant steps, you will do it quickly.

Questions about cardboard cutouts that are frequently asked

What is the cost?

To collect the items previously mentioned, you will have to pay some money. On average, making a cardboard cutout costs around $40. However, it depends on the size and materials you use to make it. 

What should be the size of a cardboard statue?

The most suitable seizure can be identified based on any human seizure. It’s like you are 5 feet tall. Then make the statue around your original height. But don’t make it less than 3 feet. That would be strange in space. 

How should I go about printing the photo?

Use your printer or another device to complete the printing process. A well-sized photo can be purchased from an outside market at a cost.

To complete the whole procedure more accurately, I suggest watching related YouTube videos. That will surely help you understand the essential methods of making cardboard cutouts. Plus, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us about your cardboard statue.

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