15 Amazing Cross-fit and Fitness Websites That Will Benefit You Beyond Your Expectations

Amazing Cross-fit and Fitness Websites 2019

Want to have a gym of your own? Sounds weird, isn’t it? But It won’t sound stupid or impossible when you’ll fo through the best cross-fit and fitness websites I’m going to show in this article.

Let’s be real, there is no such truth other than the most familiar quote “health is wealth.’ And to be healthy there is no alternative to exercising. But you have to know the proper way of exercising. Let’s understand that everybody has a different type of body that demands different routine, diet, etc. But many of us don’t have time or ability to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer. But the good news is, this is the era of technology. Through the internet, we can have the world in our hand and so is the instructor. Now you can have your own personal trainer through the best CrossFit websites which are mentioned in the article.

1. Barbell Shrugged-wonderful fitness website

Barbell Shrugged

This is one of the best CrossFit website design. They can be considered to be the leaders in the fitness arena not only about CrossFit but also they provide lots of information relevant to fitness enthusiasts. They also keep the options for communicating with them regarding the posts. They have courses for all kinds of levels, particularly for gym owners. Moreover, they have CTA’s on their blog posts which can convert the website visitors. The website design is compact, but they’ve assured that they will upgrade it.

2. Catalyst Athletics– a fitness website you can rely on

Maybe they are not the most well-designed websites but this website contains some serious and useful contents. Most importantly, they have a newsletter sign up and they have resources on about everything you want to know about weightlifting and fitness along with video demonstrations on them. The posts can be shared very easily, and they have a CTA for a book in the sidebar on nearly every page.

3. Breaking Muscle– go to the fitness website to have your dream body

It is a fitness website whose design is very modern and contemporary. Breaking Muscle comes with lots of knowledge in all sorts of areas of fitness. An interesting feature is they have high-quality photos in their posts, and they have a single CTA on most of their websites. If you want to share their posts then the social share buttons are easy to find on the post and also the titles are SEO friendly.

4. Invictus– is an amazing fitness website


Invictus is an astonishingly popular CrossFit box in San Diego. Their website is very popular among CrossFitters. You will be really benefited if you’re a fitness freak because their blog is highly informative and they post on a regular basis in all categories. Most of the titles on their blog posts are SEO.

5. NorCal CrossFit– CrossFit website at it’s best.

This is another fitness website that provides a great service by engaging their community and providing helpful tips and recipes for fitness. The homepage serves two groups well: possible new members and current members looking for the workout of the day. The menu is easy to navigate.

6. Jesse Wynyard Fitness – know from the expert

It is the website of personal trainer Jesse Wynyard for exuding motivation and encouraging prospective training clients. The website uses great photographies. Also, they sell weight loss, training, and membership packages online. The website is being linked up to an off-site download link for an app that can be used by clients to track their progress and gain dedicated support.

7. Miss Fitizen- learn fitness tricks.

Miss Fitizen is the website of Mindy Kim who is a personal trainer. It offers clients in-person or online training and also it provides a Build Your Best Series for even more focused training programs.it uses enticing images, balanced white space, and pink color accents. The Miss Fitizen website communicates with both strength and power through exercise, while also boasting a feminine feel.

8. Strength HQ– Get your training from the website

It is a New Zealand based strength and conditioning facility. Strength HQ has a great website that provides both their gym memberships and other specialized training programs really well. It contains an attractive hero image sections, attention-grabbing CTAs and the use of red as an accent color make this website stand out.

9. Cyklus Vancouver– have your own gym.

The Cyklus training center is a spinning-focused training gym that is situated in Vancouver. The CyKlus website offers its users the ability to book their classes online, and also includes a “leaderboard” to encourage a bit of healthy competition between riders.

10. Bostin Loyd– Build your body

Big Daddy B is the website especially for the professional bodybuilder, Bostin Loyd. It includes personalized training and supports plans. Big Daddy B also includes a special membership zone for clients looking for exclusive content and better channels of communication with Loyd himself.

11. Fluid Movement– Move being fit

Fluid Movement is a specialized fitness training center that is based in Sydney and it offers Muay Thai, boxing and functional exercise training classes. For particularly inclined clients, Fluid Movement offers training and mentorship packages for those wanting to partake in Muay Thai events in Thailand itself. Fluid Movement uses its main website to advertise their services and relies on an off-site booking page to secure client bookings.

12. Perfect Fit Training Solutions– Get your fitness training

Perfect Fit Training Solutions is another fitness center that offers training classes. The training classes are on either a group or individual level. The business website of trainer Bec Swanton, Perfect Fit Training Solutions makes use of ample white space, blue hues, and vibrant orange color accents to make content stand out.

13. Workhouse Gym– Be fit in your home.

The Workhouse Gym website uses a one-page website to communicate their offering and display contact details and it is very simple and user-friendly. It uses a bold hero section, vibrant color palette, and great imagery. The Workhouse Gym website includes client testimonials to encourage sign-ups as well as an off-site booking system to display classes and offer sign-ups.

14. MVMNT– Your fitness choice.

MVMNT is Based in Georgia and a specialized training gym. It offers fitness, kettlebell, powerlifting classes and more. It makes use of mega menus to segment and structure multiple forms of content, and the MVMNT website includes an off-site class sign up section.

15. Mijn Personal Trainer– Have your personal fitness trainer.

Mijn Personal Trainer is a website of personal trainer and lifestyle coach Ayhan Tac. It is cleverly-constructed. It is just a one-page website. Mijn Personal Trainer makes use of testimonials, pricing tables and bold image sections with parallax display to communicate Tac’s service offerings.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the keyboard, go to the websites and have your own gym just in a minute. Stay fit and prove them wrong who have told that technology makes people lazy. KUDOS!

OMG! 11 Best Benefits and Side Effect of Ionized Water Ever


You are not only what you eat, but also what you drink.

It is really important to eat right, but often we forget to drink right.

Yes, I am talking about water, but did you know, water also have varieties?

Yes, you’ve read it right.

There is another type of water rather than normal water which is Ionized water and the main concern of this article.

You will be surprised how this kind can be beneficial for you in so many ways.

You may have known about the various health benefits of alkaline water, but in this article, you will know elaborately about the features of ionized water.

Just some sips of ionized water can improve your health condition.

Regular Water VS Ionized Water

It is the pH level that draws a border between regular water and ionized water. Alkaline water contains a higher pH level than regular drinking water. For this reason, experts say that it has the ability to neutralize your body. Normal drinking water is neither alkaline neither acidic. It is neutral and it has a pH of 7.

Ionized Water VS DeIonized Water

  • Ionized water- The water, which has mineral ions in it is called Ionized water. Minerals in either by gaining or losing electron water become ionized. All types of natural water have minerals containing. Ionized water also has minerals.
  • Deionized water: The water, which has no minerals in it is called Deionized water. Through reverse osmosis and with the combination of Distilled water, it is created.

Types of Ionized Water

There are two types of Ionized water based on whether it’s acidic or alkaline.

  • Ionized alkaline water It is also known as Electrolyzed Reduced Water. It can reduce the effects of oxidation. This ability is known as Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). It is good to reduce the effect of oxidation because oxidation can destroy or cause damage to a substance. So if the water is acidic, it can damage the body tissues and DNA, by gaining electrons. The reduction is a process where antioxidant material donates an electron to another substance. Antioxidants to keep us healthy by saving the tissues and DNA being oxidized.
  • Ionized acidic water: It is also called by scientists as Electrolyzed Oxidative Water (EOW) as it increases oxidation. Because of its ability to increase oxidation, it has the ability to sanitize surfaces, tools, etc. Basically, it is a good replacement for toxic household cleaners.

Making of Ionized Water

It can be made by mixing tap water with two kinds of Ions. Such as  Mineral ions, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium which are mineral ions and bicarbonate ions. Mineral ions consist of positive electromagnetic charge. Bicarbonate is dissolved CO2, it’s formed by absorbing CO2 in water from the air. Bicarbonate contains a negative electromagnetic charge.

The water ionizers being used in homes separate the positive minerals from negative bicarbonate by electromagnetism. They have charged plates, which are like magnets because they can attract the oppositely charged ions. In this procedure, a membrane called Bipolar Exchange Membrane helps the ions to pass through. But it doesn’t allow another particle to pass.

Both alkaline and acidic waters can be made by this process at the same time.

Benefits of Ionized Water


It is nowadays a common complaint that people feel lethargic more often. Also suffering from frequent joint pains, infections, colds are common occurrences. One of the main reason behind that is, a body being too acidic. By drinking ionized alkaline water this problem can be solved. Because of the pH of alkaline water, it can restore the body’s pH balance. Having alkaline ionized water on a daily basis promotes neutralize the acid. It can keep our body in equilibrium.


Alkaline ionized water is considered to be a good source of antioxidants because of its containing free electrons which they can donate to the body in result this neutralize free radicals. Moreover, antioxidants have anti-aging property.


Normally water molecules don’t come as single molecules rather they come as clusters. The ionization procedure can break the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures them to about 5-8 molecules per cluster which are 12-15 molecules before. So by becoming smaller the water can be absorbed into the cells more easily, which hydrates the body and flush out the toxins in the body.

How do Water Ionizers help With Weight Management?

You can ask how is this possible, but believe me, it is possible. You can eat right, exercise on a regular basis, but if the pH of your body is not balanced, then you will not get any fruitful result. Why? Because the fat stored in our body is acidic. So for eliminating acidic fat, you need alkaline, which is provided by alkaline ionized water. So it has logical benefits to help you to reach the target weight goal.

Blood pressure and diabetes

In Shanghai,   did a finding that after drinking alkaline water for  3 to 6 months, people who suffer from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids had a surprising improvement.

Moreover, researchers found that after exercising, high-pH electrolyte water can reduce blood viscosity in about 100 adults, blood viscosity results in cardiovascular strain because of dehydration. This was found in 2016.

Improves Digestion:

Some people have a misconception about the stomach that it needs to be acidic. But it is wrong. It needs to be balanced. Between meals, the stomach becomes too much acidic. So if you drink alkaline water between the meals it helps to keep the stomach balanced.

And a balanced stomach means improved digestion system. It is also proved that alkaline water at pH 8.8 can stop a specific enzyme that is a cause of Reflux disease.

Reduces Chance of Colon Cancer:

Among the top ten killer diseases, colon cancer is prior. And this can be prevented by providing alkaline to the colon. Dr. Shinya, the inventor of the colonoscopy, highly recommends alkaline ionized water to help to heal the colons from getting cancer.


Ionized water eliminates mucus which generally build-up on the colon walls. By this, it  improves the ability of the body to absorb many important nutrients


Drinking ionized water contributes to flushing out the stubborn toxins and acidic waste from our body.


The ionizer containing the Prefiltration cartridge inside is able to remove pollutants like  chlorine found in tap water


Alkaline water which contains pH over 10.5 is a great choice to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables and making them fresh.

Side Effects And Risks

Although having many benefits of alkaline drinking water we have to remember excessive of anything is not safe. It has also some negative side effects.

By lowering of natural stomach acidity it kills bacteria and expels many harmful pathogens which enter in the bloodstream.

By taking too much alkaline water can be a cause of agitating the normal pH of the body.

Which can lead to Metabolic Alkalosis, in this condition these symptoms may occur nausea hand tremors and tingling in the extremities or face vomiting muscle twitching. 

It can also decrease the calcium in the body, by which bones can be affected negatively because calcium is the main ingredient for healthy bone structure.


BINGO! Now that you’ve learned how to have your perfect drink, “Drink, l’chaim, to life”


10 Amazing Benefits of Pumice Stone to Nourish your Body top to bottom

Pumice Stones for-body

Have you watched lava emerged from a volcano and get frightened that what if it touches you and how painful it would be?

Surely lava flow is capable to destroy everything in its path but you will be wondered to know there is a silver lining of this destructive thing.

When lava stops moving, it solidifies to form some igneous rocks. Such a stone is pumice stone which is formed when lava mixes with water and hardens.

It is really porous and abrasive which is proved to be beneficial for the human body.

You will be amazed to know how such a destructive liquid converts into productive just after changing its state of matter.

Well, nature itself is an unsolved mystery which gives us a solution for our daily life in many ways. Pumice stone is such an example that nature is about to take good care of you as you are a part of it.


Pumice stones for body are nowadays very popular around the world. In this article, we will discuss its benefits. After reading this article you will be able to get a complete understanding of how you can enrich your skin and body by using it.

You can also check out another content – 10 Tips About Use of Pumice Stone for House


Source: Female feet heel stone pumice

Tired of counting money and go to the parlor for Pedicure? Or buying expensive lotions and moisturizers.

At first wet the stone which will make easy to operate it. Rub it gently over the calloused area in a circular. it should start coming right off. Keep rubbing it until the dead skin is removed and find the fresh, smoother skin underneath. Remember to not press it too roughly on your skin. the surface of the stone will do the rest for your skin.

Use your pumice stone as an alternate of Manicures

I was  a huge fan of using olive oil, lotions but  now I’ve found the best alternative for the manicures

Just use a damp pumice stone to soften hard skin and calluses on your hands then remove the disturbing cuticle skins around the nails. Gently apply the pressure.Remember to keep your hands and the stone wet as you buff and make sure you moisturize afterward.


There are several times when you’ve bought high priced beauty creams and got no result but got frustrated how many money have you spent.Now there is a solution for you. Pumice is used for exfoliating hard soles, but as it has its porous surface, it’s also very useful and beneficial for more gentle exfoliation.

Revive your dull skin by exfoliating your face with a pumice stone. Make sure that it is wet and then gently rub it against your face and obviously in small circular motions. Use it once a week which can be a weekly exfoliating treatment and it will also boost circulation.


If the skin looks great it will make you feel great so skin care is the most important part of our daily life. It is our skin which is visible to everyone else and if the skin looks pale and dull, you’ll look lifeless which easily make you feel down and down your confidence level. Healthy skin tone is really important and it doesn’t mean a fair skin it means the condition of the skin is good and healthy.

If you want to feel self-confident and you can improve your skin tone with a pumice stone. Massaging your body with a pumice stone will help to boost the body’s blood circulation, and will restore your skin’s natural tone and make it shiny and glowing.


This sounds a little bit strange one but yes, it is true. You can remove unwanted hair without painful waxing, threading and harmful hair removal cream. Rub the pumice stone onto hairs in a circular motion with gentle pressure until hairs rub off. Then moisture and repeat few days until all the hairs are being removed. It is painless and lasts long.

Pumice Stone For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are like a nightmare, though it is not painful, it looks very disturbing and gives your feet a dirty look.

If you have a crack heel and tired of hiding it from everyone then behold! The hiding times are gone. To make your heels soft at first soak your feet in soapy water. After approximately 10/15  minutes use a pumice stone to gently massage your skin cracked heels are very common foot complaint among Indians. They might occur very frequently during summers when we wear flip flops or sandals. They don’t tend to cause any pain in the beginning, but eventually, they might cause pain and extreme hassle if the splits get too deep.

They can also get infected if left untreated for a long time. The best way to treat them naturally and effectively is to use a pumice stone.

Pumice Stone For Corns

Corns can be treated with the help of a pumice stone. When your feet or hands are wet posts a bath, rub the stone over the corn to remove the dead skin.

Pumice Stone For Blackheads

When I used to facial in the parlor most disturbing part was the blackheads removal part. They do it with a long stick and press it so hard that it made me cry sometimes. The women will know what I’m talking about. Even the blackhead removal creams with activated charcoals are painful. Then I found the pumice stone.

Pumice stone is effective even for blackheads on your body. Just be aware while massaging and removing the blackhead, your skin is soft and moist.

Pumice Stone For Pores

Pores are a curse for the skin. Because it’s what holds the darts and later turns into acne. For cleaning pores help of a pumice stone is really helpful. If you have big pores cleansing your skin once in a week with pumice stone which is natural and cheap will help to have a good, healthy, clean skin.

Pumice Stone For Stretch Marks

There are many reasons for having stretch marks and after having stretch marks it’s difficult to remove it. But now stretch marks can be decreased eventually by using the pumice stone every day while taking a shower.

So what are you waiting for?

You are about to get a fresh, natural looking skin with a gentle touch of this natural substance.

Say adios to your worries about getting dry skin or unhealthy looking hands and feet.

Now you can have a parlor of your own in your hand which is pumice stone.