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Instagram is a popular social media platform in today’s world. It’s a terrific place to share pictures, videos, stories, and comments. People are increasingly using sites to save videos and popular photographs. Most people are using online tools and app to save Instagram videos. Are you searching for ways to download Instagram videos? Then you’ve come to the correct spot.

This research will show you the finest online tools and applications for simply saving Instagram videos. These videos will not be protected by copyright. Maybe you’ve been looking for those tools for years. But yet to find the true solution? Allow me to alleviate your concerns. Simply read through the list below to locate the top online tools and applications for saving Instagram videos.

List of Best Online Tools and App to Save Instagram Videos

Here in the below section, we have made a separate list of tools for mobiles, computers, and online platforms. Just move a bit to check out the list of the best online tools and app to save Instagram videos.

List of Apps to Save Instagram Videos 

Application NameGetting Link
Instant saveAndroid iPhone 
IV SaverAndroid PC
Fast save for InstagramAndroid Windows
Swift SaveAndroid

List of Software to Save Instagram Videos

Software ListInformation section
Free Grab App Information
iTubeGo Information

List of Best Online Tools to Save Instagram Videos

Hashtags For likes
Social down
SSS Instagram

Instant save

Instant Save is a mobile app for saving Instagram videos. It is eligible for both the Android and iPhone operating systems. Moreover, using this application is very easy and simple. So, why are you waiting? Just save your first video with the help of this application. 

Download Instagram videos with application

IV Saver

Iv Saver is another leading application for Android only. You can not use this wise application on the iPhone operating system. Downloading videos from Instagram is so simple. However, iPhone users can take a break from using Windows to use this one. Because, this application is well suited to the Windows operating system. 

Fast save for Instagram

In our list, “Fast Save for Instagram” stands at the third position in the android application series. Unfortunately, this application is not compatible with the iPhone operating system. 

A Windows version is there for you. But not suitable for Ubuntu, Linux, and other operating systems. 

Swift Save

Swift Save is an Android system application. That helps to easily save Instagram videos, pictures, and even stories. 

Free Grab App

This software helps you add Instagram things to your PC. A video is attached as a direction manual for this application on the website. Many more opportunities are there with this application software. 

Free Grab app
High-quality picture 
Copyright oriented contents 
Video downloader



One of the safest platforms for using instagram through Qoob. This web tool comes with so much more, along with downloading video opportunities. Let’s check those things. 

Qoob best tools
Adfree Instagram and TiktokVideo
saving Photo
saving View stories anonymously
Backup Instagram accounts 


Itube Go is a web platform that allows you to download Instagram videos for free. Moreover, a software version is available for Windows efficiency. But the processing might be tougher for others.

ItubeGo services 
Compatible with Windows
Easily download videos.
Picture downloads

Hashtags For likes

“Hashtags for likes” is a top online platform for downloading Instagram pictures and videos for free. As well as that, you can do some other valuable work with the help of this beautiful online tool. 

This online platform can be used to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You need to click the icons of these four best social sites just beside the search bar. Then put in the login information, and download as many videos and photos as you like for free. 

Opportunities with “hashtags for likes”
Photo source 
Free video source
Story collecting source 

Social down

Just like adding pictures, you can add videos with this application software. Also, other opportunities are there with this one. 

Social down advantages 
Picture adding 
Profile tracking 
Video adding


Toolzu is the biggest and safest online platform for downloading Instagram videos. In addition, you can download Instagram stories, profiles, photos, and trends by just use of this single tool.

Opportunities with Toolzu 
Instagram stories 
Photo download 
Video adding 


Using a sophisticated automation tool, you may adapt your Instagram account for business. I help to create a target audience, interact with customers, and prepare content.

Inflict opportunities
Easy to download videos
Instagram profile 
Instagram photo


Glassgram is a website that allows you to download Instagram videos. It demonstrates that malware is capable of tracking Instagram accounts anonymously. It is a sophisticated method of obtaining information from a specific private profile. Yes, this website is more often used for Instagram ID monitoring.

The spying gadget is simple to use and works well. You need the Instagram URL for the account you wish to monitor. Then you can start using Glassagram and view all of your data in real-time.

What can you do with Glassgram?
Profile tracking 
Free photo downloading
Video downloading hub
Story download and reading


Another easy platform for taking Instagram videos on your PC. More importantly, it is well known for delivering high-quality pictures from Instagram. 

Positives with Igram
high-quality picture
Instagram videos
Story downloads


Unsplash is one of the biggest photo and video sharing and free download platforms. This is an open-source for photos and videos. However, you can earn through sharing valuable content on this hub. I just need a true account to access this best free website of picture and video galleries in the world. 

Opportunities with Unsplash
Free download
photo Download
video Share
photo content
Share video content


Another easy accessible web platform for instagram videos. Along with free video downloads, you will have other access too. Let’s have a look at these scopes from the section below. 

Instaoffline accessible tools
Photo downloader
Video downloader
Reels downloader
Carousel downloader 
Private downloader
Instagram videos download

SSS Instagram

This interesting platform allows you to download videos from Instagram quite easily. Some other magnificent features are there too. However, you will be able to download up to 10 pictures and videos a day. Moreover, within just 24 hours, you have to download your favorite story from here. 

SSS Instagram platform opportunities 
Photo downloading 
Video downloading 
Story downloading 
Carousel downloading 


Which App is the Best for Instagram?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Because, quite a few apps are there. You can use the “instant save” application on all OS of smartphones. I use this one. 

How do you save Instagram videos online? 

Use online tools to save Instagram videos and photos easily. You can try our suggested online tools from here. 

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