How to Buy A Gaming Laptop

Do you know how to buy a gaming laptop? Buying gaming laptops is not that easy. Several key factors make a good gaming laptop. Fortunately, …

How to buy a gaming laptop

Do you know how to buy a gaming laptop? Buying gaming laptops is not that easy. Several key factors make a good gaming laptop. Fortunately, today’s gaming devices are equipped with everything you need. Before 2010, there was no such thing as gaming laptops. At that time, the Razer Blade entered the market as the world’s first gaming laptop. It received a great deal of applause from every tech community around the globe. In response, other well-known brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer have become interested in making gaming-specific laptops.

More and more top brands have started making gaming laptops for commercial use, excluding Apple. Laptops from different brands have varying features and capabilities. Each brand has its own marketing strategy and pre-planned structure for gaming laptops. 

As a result, buying gaming laptops is not as simple as it used to be. In addition, gaming laptops have different configurations than available PCs. As a gamer, you need to know about those vital configurations required for gaming. Then you will be able to buy a better gaming laptop. We’ve included all those key components of the best gaming laptop for your convenience. 

The Key Components of Buying Gaming Laptops

graphics card 
system memory clock speed.
Monitor specifications.
Heat sinking ability.
Automatic working capacity.
Size and portability.


A processor aids in the execution of a program on a computer. A computer is little more than an empty display if it does not process data and graphics. As a result, you must initially concentrate on the computer’s CPU. Intel and AMD are the most well-known gaming CPU manufacturers. So, in the first step, look for a laptop with a gaming-specific CPU.

Depending on the generation, the processors work differently. So, keep in mind to get the latest generation of processors while buying gaming laptops. 


A GPU converts the pixel dots on display into live visuals. The computer display is merely made up of pixels and dots. On the other hand, a graphics card serves as an image processing intermediate system. A decent graphics card is required for an enjoyable gaming experience. Otherwise, the animated targets would seem unreal. A high-quality graphics processing unit puts your imagination into reality mode.


Random-access memory is basically known as RAM. Also refers to system memory. RAM actually works to speed up processing. It is hardware that makes software run faster and smoother on computers. For today’s gaming efficiency, you need at least 15 GB of RAM or higher. 

Size and portability

People purchase laptops for their portability. However, gaming laptops are quite heavier compared with general laptops. Due to their solid body frames and powerful hardware units, gaming laptops can be a little bit heavy. Still, it would be best if you looked for lightweight gaming laptops in manageable sizes. 


The latest gaming laptops come with high-resolution monitors. A good gaming monitor must have a quick refresh rate of at least 60Hz. And the resolution at the highest point should be between 2160p and 4320p. Some monitors are eye-soothing with their consistent color configuration. Anti-glare gaming monitors have been doing their best in recent years. Moreover, the display size should be at least 15 inches or more. 

Touch screen monitors are not that good for gaming. So, avoid such things if it is possible. You will be able to save some money here. Add that money to other gaming components. 

Storage/ capacity

Modern gaming laptops mostly use SSD cards instead of traditional hard disk memory. SSD refers to a solid state drive. Actually, it performs well compared to hard disk memory. In terms of speed, efficiency, size, processing SSD prevails supreme than HDD.

Keyboard and Mouse 

Gaming keyboards and mouses are totally different from regular ones. Some keyboards come with integrated key setup options. Backlit keyboard works properly. Also such a mouse appears with the highest accuracy rate.  


A camera appears as an optional feature of good gaming laptops. Some laptops don’t have web camera options. Others provide HD web cameras these days. Particular games need web camera features. Therefore, fix your requirements for buying gaming laptops. 

Additional Key Components: A Buying Guide for Gaming Laptops

To clarify your concepts about how to buy a gaming laptop, we have added this section. In this article, we have covered the majority of the important aspects of buying gaming laptops. Even though every gamer has distinct needs, keep these fundamentals in mind while choosing a gaming laptop.

Gaming specified model 

Most important thing to consider while purchasing a gaming laptop. Actually, all good laptops are not suitable for gaming. Gaming specific laptops are suitable to have  efficient gaming support. Also such laptops operating systems support specific softwares. That’s why you must purchase a gaming specific laptop.  


CPU means the central processing unit of a computer. Mostly, the processor is known as the basic CPU item. The CPU of a computer usually sits on the motherboard. With an arithmetic and logic unit, the CPU supplies life to the motherboard. The system memory, a control unit, and a logic unit are the other components of the CPU. 


It is actually the shorter form of graphics processing unit. Mainly image processing, data supplying, and live appearance. Before the appearance of GPU, this processing was done by CPU. However, today’s laptops have separate graphics cards. Nvidia geforce was the first invented graphics setup. So, try to take the best available GPU oriented laptop for a mind blowing gaming experience. 


Another important fact is the pricing. If you have budget issues, try to purchase laptops from newly arrived brands. Usually, such brands want to provide more features to extend their market reach. Alternatively, if you don’t have any fixed budgets, then go for the best one. Try to get the latest version of gaming PCs for a better experience. 


Different brands have different warranty clauses. Before purchasing any product, have a glimpse at the warranty clause. Most gaming laptop providers offer a lifetime service warranty. Which is quite a good backup for extreme users. So, keep this factor in mind while buying gaming laptops.

The Difference Between a Gaming Laptop and a Standard Laptop

The most noticeable contrasts between these two dimensions may be seen in their attributes. Gaming laptops include greater storage, a faster refresh rate, and a powerful graphics card. The camera, screen size, and style are not important factors in this case. In contrast, typical laptops place a strong emphasis on certain unique qualities.

In fact, gaming laptops are designed to provide a better gaming experience. That is not to say that general computers are of poor quality. Meanwhile, typical laptops are more focused on multiple work efficiency.

Laptop VS Desktop: Which One is Considerable for Gaming?

gaming laptop
Gaming desktop
Components Gaming Laptop Desktop PC
Size and dimension Gaming laptops come with manageable size and dimension. However, desktop PCs are not prominent in this section of dimension. Some mini desktops are there. But those are not efficient for heavy gaming. 
Manufacturing Top level brands are making gaming specific laptops. But opportunity expendability is very minimal. Brand desktop PCs are there too. However, the desktop can be built in home, and features expendability is huge. 
Portability Most efficient advantage of gaming laptops portability Whereas, desktop PCs are not portable in comparison with laptops. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Gaming Laptops

Is a laptop as comparable as a desktop PC for gaming? 

It totally depends on the user’s necessity. Some users are comfortable with laptops. While most gamers rely on desktop PCs, But I personally recommend a desktop PC for a better gaming experience.

Why are Mac laptops not preferable for gaming? 

Although Mac laptops come with higher configurations, it is not preferable for gaming. Mac uses their own operating system. That is why other software sources are not compatible with this OS. only (2-5%) games are supported on Mac laptops. So, avoid Mac PCs for gaming. 

Can I use regular laptops for gaming?

High-configured laptops can be used for gaming. But, a proper gaming experience is possible with gaming-specific laptops. 

Hope you have already known how to buy a gaming laptop. To add any further queries use the comment box.

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