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Air mattresses lose some of their inflation over time. It is pretty normal. But noticing an air mattress often losing its air is not normal. And honestly, sometimes it can be quite irritating to inflate it every other day. But don’t worry, even if you have no idea of how to fix it. We have some amazing techniques to fix a hole in an air mattress.

Let’s take a look at how to fix a hole in an air mattress:

Locate the hole

Locate the hole
Spray waters on the suspected area

First, you need to locate the hole. But since mattresses are quite big in size, it can be hard and time-consuming sometimes to know where the air is exactly leaking from. But if you follow the steps below, we believe you can do it easily:

  • First of all, pump up the bed fully. Now look around and try to see, feel, and listen to any sounds of air-escaping. 
  • You can just hear it sometimes. If you can’t detect the leak using this method, go ahead and fill a spray bottle with some water.
  • Now spray any area you suspect the leak may be coming from. If you see small bubbles coming out slowly, then it must be the leakage you are searching for.
  • Starting off with the bottom area is a good idea. Because this site has the highest possibility of getting leaked onto the bed, maybe from something sharp on the floor or carpet.
  • Go ahead and mark the hole if it’s small. So that you know where it is. 
  • Now deflate it again.

Fix that leakage

Congratulations! You’ve completed the first part. Now let’s dive into the final part and eventually fix that hole.

Now we’re going to discuss four different ways to solve the same problem. You can choose any of them to fix a hole in an air mattress.

  1. Use a patch kit or any bicycle tube to patch the leakage.
  2. Apply strong super glue to the leakage.
  3. Use duct tape.
  4. Marine goop glue.

Use a patch kit or any bicycle tube to patch the leakage

Patch kit

Most mattresses come with a patch kit. These kits include an adhesive, sandpaper, and a patch that matches the material of your air mattress. You can use it conveniently.

If you don’t have a patch kit or you can’t find it now, you can buy it from online and offline stores. Also, there are some other alternatives that can help you complete your work if you don’t want to use any patches. 

A bicycle tube could be the best option. Because bicycle tubes are thinner than other vehicle tubes, they can stick to the area and last longer.

Necessary Tools

  • Gentle Cleanser and soft towel
  • The Patch Kit
  • Bicycle tube, glue, and sandpaper (if the patch kit is missing)
  • Any heavy and flat object

Gentle Cleanser and soft towel

To make sure the adhesive and patch stick to the area properly. It’s best to give it a good clean. As a cleanser, you can use liquid detergents, dish soaps, or any rubbing alcohol. This helps to cleanse the dirt from the area and make it ready to be patched. 

After gently cleaning the area, use a soft towel to soak it up. Let it air dry for a few minutes.

The Patch Kit

A Patch kit comes with glue, patch, and sandpaper. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for the necessary products to fix a hole in an air mattress.

First, polish the leakage area with sandpaper. It’ll help the surface to be rust-free. Now you may apply a coat of glue to one side of the patch. Then carefully press it onto the air mattress’s surface, covering the hole entirely.

Bicycle tube, sandpaper, and glue

If you are using a bicycle tube, follow the directions below to fix the hole.

Cut the tube one inch bigger than the hole on each side. Use sandpaper on the surface of the hole and one side of the tube. It’ll help to polish the area and remove unnecessary materials from the surface.

Now dab some glue on the hole and then evenly spread a thin layer of it on the surface. Again, precisely spread some glue on one side of the tube. Now carefully press it on the surface that has the hole.

Any heavy and flat object

Now that we’ve patched or tubed the hole, it’s time to put some heavy objects on it and leave it for 3–4 hours. 

Apply strong superglue to the leakage

Gorilla glue

In the previous technique, we used superglue as an adhesive. But you can use it raw and easily fix an air mattress too. Only when your mattress may have leaked from two edges with a knife, scissor, or sharp blade.

So if your mattress has a tiny, thin puncture with two edges that need to adhere together, this is the easiest and shortest method, in our opinion.

Necessary tools

  • Cleanser & a soft towel
  • Strong superglue

Cleanser & soft towel

Clean the surface with any detergent, dish soap, or rubbing alcohol. Now wipe that soap with any soft towel.

Strong superglue

Spread the glue on the puncture without any patches. Make sure the adhesive is strong. You can use superglue, gorilla glue, or any other glue that works best to fix a hole.

Now let it air dry. Done.

Use duct tape

Duct Tape

If you don’t have any patch kits or any adhesive by your side, you can use the duct tape method. But the adhesive attached to the duct tape may slip off and not last long. So, if you plan on purchasing a patch kit soon, you can use this method as a temporary solution.

Necessary tools

  • Duct tape

Duct tape

Cut a piece of duct tape that is big enough to cover that hole and some more areas around it. Then place it in the hole. You’re done!

Marine goop glue

Marine goop glue

Finally, our last method is marine goop glue. Main goop glue is also known as “Amazing Goop” for its amazing adhesive power. It is the best adhesive on the market that you can search for. Also, it is waterproof and UV resistant and can be used as a sealant too.

Necessary tools

  • Cleanser & a soft towel
  • Sandpaper
  • Maine goop glue

Cleanser and a soft towel

Clean the surface of the hole with some detergent, dish soap, or rubbing alcohol. Then simply wipe the area with a soft towel.


Gently degrease the surface of the hole with sandpaper. It’ll help the area to be polished and rust-free, which will help the glue to be sealed decently on that surface.

Marine goop glue

Now simply apply the glue to the hole and gently spread it on the surface. Let it air dry for 24 hours. 


These are the four best methods for fixing a hole in an air mattress. We tried our level best to keep it simple and worthwhile so that anyone can go through this and easily fix a leakage. That’s it.

Also, after fixing it, never forget to test the seal to see if it’s working well. For that, inflate the mattress again and spray some water on the fixed hole.

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Can I fix a hole in my air mattress?

Ans Yes. First locate the hole. Then dab some glue on the patch, spread it gently. Finally press it on the leakage surface.

Is it possible to fix a hole in an air mattress without a patch kit?

Ans Yes indeed! You can use duct tape, goop glue, super glue etc to fix a leakage of an air mattress.

Can I use glue to fix a puncture in an air mattress?

Ans Yes. But not in every puncture. You can only use it only when your mattress may have leaked from edges. Any strong super glue is always the best option to any tiny, thin puncture with two edges that need to adhere together

How much does an air mattress cost?

Ans A regular air mattress costs between 25$-120$.

Normal mattress vs air mattress: which one is best?

Ans An air mattress is comparably more handy and convenient to use. You can just inflate and use it when you need it. And then just deflate it, store it in any corner when the need is over.

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