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Many users were curious about how to use a Ninja blender. We created this article to ensure their contentment. We’ll go through the easiest and simplest methods to utilize this kitchen aid in this article. In addition, we will demonstrate how to make various kinds of recipes using several Ninja blenders in a more efficient manner.

Proper Ways of Using the Ninja Blender

We’ll go through how to use a ninja blender correctly in this section. These fundamental concepts will apply to everyone. However, certain differences may be seen from person to person.


Blender assembling

The initial stage is to gather all of the blender’s components. Whether you’re using the large pitcher of the Ninja Professional Blender or the little single-serving cup. First, you must assemble the tools in the correct sequence.

Set up

The blender must be placed in a safe location in the second stage. That area may be used for a good table. Where you may go through the whole process of setting up a blender. Some equipment, such as cups, choppers, and knives, may not be required at all times. So, depending on the sort of dish or task you want to accomplish, prepare yourself correctly for the second step.


Check that the motor base is appropriately placed right before the connection. Set the motor base to get the desired outcome. After the whole assembly process has been completed, the connection-related activities should be completed.

Food Processing 

At this stage, you can put the raw food items in the blender. Just carefully put everything in there. Because, a sharp blade can easily cut your hand. Then remove your hand from inside and tightly cover up the cup or mug. 


After doing all these processes, switch on the machine. Just regulate the control panel until you get the desired result. After getting done with the recipe, you may add some water. However, the automatic smart functionality of a modern ninja blender doesn’t need any extra water. These machines can serve water as required automatically, which is known as the “IQ function of Ninja blenders.”


While the blender is running, you may simply verify the ingredients by turning off the switch. If you believe the mixing isn’t finished, just shake the jar to make it adjust. However, if you are happy with the result, turn off the switch.

Finishing Part 

After finishing the blending part, we are just about to conclude. To wrap it up, take the ingredients to a bowl. Then use the cleaning tool to clean the machine properly. Clean the blade. After cleaning up the blade carefully, just put the machine on the packet.

How to Use a Ninja Blender: Making Powder Extract 

Making food
Using Ninja Blender

A blender can do multiple jobs. Making powder out of nuts and other types of ingredients is more often done by blenders. Let’s review the procedures from the next section. 

Step 1: Collect the ingredients you want to make into powder. Don’t forget to make those items dry enough to get the desired result. 

Step 2: After that, add the seeds, nuts, or masalas to the container. Simply increase the volume such that the extraction is completely powdered.

Step 3: After switching the machines, wait for a while. Don’t put any extra water on the ingredients. Just stop the machine, shake it, and set it up again for checking purposes. 

Step 4: Consequently, taking all those actions will result in the best power ingredients. Just replace those powers carefully in a jar. Then close the cover. That’s it for now. The powder extract making recipe is completed.

Step 5: After you’ve completed all of the above stages, gently wipe down the machine. Place the machine in a clean location for future usage.

How to Use a Ninja Blender: Juice and Mineral Item Making 

Most of the time, we create juice using ninja blenders. Here are the simple procedures for creating juice or mineral products using a Ninja blender.

Making juice with Ninja blender
Juice Making

Step 1: To make juice, collect your favorite fruits, veggies, or food items. Then wash those items properly. To set up the machine, place the blade on the machine you might require.

Step 2: Just slice the fruits to reduce extra pressure. That way, you will get a proper blending result. Then put those things into the jar. 

Step 3: After putting in those fruits or veggies, close the cap of the jar. Set the volume speed and connect the plugs. You can do this with Ninja professional 1500 watt blenders with ease. 

Step 4: Then wait for a minute or so. You will get the desired juice. Well, don’t forget to add all the necessary ingredients along with a little ice. For now, the whole recipe is complete. 

Step 5: Just replace the juice item in the glass in the final step. And ready to serve. Clean the jar quickly and carefully, and put the blender in a safe place. 

How to Use a Ninja Blender: Chopping Veggies/Meats

Another purpose of using a blender is to chop any food item. Let’s take a look at the simple techniques for chopping using a blender.

Making foods with ninja blender
Chopping Vegetables

Step 1: First, clean all the items with medium-boiled water. That way, vegetable items become safer to eat. 

Step 2: Then cut those items so that you can put them in the jar. After putting the items in the jar, switch on the machine. 

Step 3: To get the desired result, wait a while. During blending, add a break. Check the items again, and restart the machine. 

Step 4: That way, you will get the desired chopped food items. Finally, wash the jar again, and put it in a safe place.

Different Types of Ninja Blenders? 

When it comes to the ninja blenders, four basic types are there. Based on different styles, models also vary. Four basic categories are enlisted in the section below. 

Drink system.
Kitchen system.

Based on their different types, using methods also varies. Therefore, check the user manual first. Then proceed according to the model of the Ninja blender you have. 


How do I work with my Ninja blender?

I already checked the user manual of my personal ninja blender. It helps me to do the job properly. I use my personal blender to make juice most of the time. 

How do you make smoothies with a Ninja blender? 

To make smoothies, I put all the ingredients in the jar. Then set the volume meter and switch on the blender. That way, I get smoothies with a Ninja blender. 

How to start a Ninja blender?

After assembling the machine, put in the ingredients. Switch on the blender and set the speed meter. That way, a ninja blender runs. 

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